That Daily Deal $5 Mystery Box Available Now

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From That Daily Deal (home of Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome), the $5 Mystery Box! Just $5 + $3.99 shipping!

$5 Mystery Box:

Feeling a bit frugal but still want some mystery? Here you go! The $5 buck mystery box. Don’t worry, it will be worth far more than $5. It may be one item, it may be several, but it WILL be mysterious. You can order up to 10 of these. Yes, we have a flat rate $3.99 shipping charge for these, but that’s so most of your $5 for the box isn’t used to ship your order. Unfortunately UPS and Fedex still refuse to ship our stuff for free, even though we asked very nicely. The $3.99 is the same if you order 1 or 10, so might as well order 10.

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