Universal Yums July 2017 Subscription Box Review – South Korea

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Universal Yums is a monthly international snack subscription box. Every month you’ll take a trip to a new country and munch on brand new exciting snacks. There are two sizes of box, the Yum ($13) and the Yum Yum ($25). This is the Yum Yum box, and it’s a fun subscription that we get a kick out of each and every month.

This month the treats were from South Korea! 

These boxes are always so full and they send such an assortment of goodies to try out. I have them all opened up here but the smaller candies all come in a sealed plastic bag to keep them from floating all around and we got a great bonus item this month that you can see on the right.

This month’s introductory note talks a bit about the greeting you will get when going to South Korea “Bap meogeosseoyo?”

The information book has notes about all of the items and ingredients for them.

Sweet & Spicy Khokkalcorn – These are South Korean Bugles. I’m not a Bugles fan but I did share how you can put these on your fingers to my boys and they thought I was crazy but my youngest did eat them up.

Malang Strawberry Candy – A sweet strawberry candy.

Lotte Moncher Creme Pie – This was inspired by the Moon Pies we all like and while I don’t eat those my husband said this was fantastic and asked if we had any more in the box.

Lotte Custard Cake – A cute little cake with a custard filling.  It kind of reminded me of a Boston Creme Donut.

Kook Hee Biscuit – These have a thin line of peanut butter in them and while peanuts are not common in Korea they are very good in these.

Lotte Chocolate Rice Cake – Rice cakes are used in all the meals in Korea with this one being a dessert. While it did not taste as bland as the ones we get here it still just wasn’t my thing.

Lotte Kancho Choco Biscuit – Even more chocolate and in a little cookie. They are just too cute.

Ginger Candy with Lemon – I love a ginger candy and this was good. I had one and I’m going to keep the others for when I need another little pick me up.

Tteok-bokki Snack – While this looks like Penne pasta, I kind of think it tasted a bit like Doritos. Not as cheesy but a similar texture.

Cookies and Creme Pepero – Oh my gosh, I need more of these now. They are delicious. They are most often sold on 11/11 which is the Korean version of Valentine’s Day but if these are in my house I’m sure I would eat them all the time.

Bulgogi Ppushu Ppushu Snack – Uhm, yes these look like Ramen noodles and yes Universal Yums tells us to eat them uncooked. I tried it and I think I’ll stick with the cooked version.

Scorched Rice Candy – I have a hard time getting past this name and eating something that is supposed to taste like burnt rice. While not horrible, I’ll take the other candy in the box over these.

Anytime Milk Candy – I liked these. The remind me of the after dinner mints that we get at some restaurants.

Choco Heim – My family liked these but I wasn’t too much into the filling. It was a bit to hazelnutty for me.

Bonus Item: Universal Yums Korean Chopsticks – These are scrumptious. I love a good pair of chopsticks and while I have many reusable pairs I do not have a metal pair. Universal Yums says that while many countries use chopsticks Korea is the only one that regularly uses metal ones so these even fit in with this month’s country.

Universal Yums sent another box full of items for all of us to enjoy. There are many in here that we are enjoying and some that just aren’t really for me but that is the case here in the US as well.  I love getting this box each month and looking up the country with my boys and then going through all the items to see what we like and what we don’t.  Now if I could get them to try vegetables as easily as they try these snacks then all will be right in the world.

Did you think about the clue above? Can you guess which country is featured next? Clue: We can’t find El Dorado, but we’ve found some golden Yums Chips with crazy flavors, a treat called “Bon Bon Bum” This might be our best box yet, but we can’t tell you why. Just know we’re like this singer’s hips and we never, ever lie!

Where do you think we are going? It hasn’t been announced yet but based on the clues I think we might be visiting Columbia!

Have you tried Universal Yums? What do you think?


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