Men’s Health Box July 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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The Men’s Health Box is a new subscription box service curated by the editors of Men’s Health magazine. The box costs $89.99 per quarter, and promises a “kickass box of curated products” worth more than $150.

The July box was inspired by the recently released King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

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A thick nest of paper squiggles fills any gaps between the items the box, but there is actually very little unused space — Men’s Health packs tons of stuff in every box.

The information card lists everything in the box, giving a brief description and approximate value. The box promises to deliver goods relating to fitness, grooming, fashion, tech, and food/nutrition – little colorful icons show which category each item represents. I’ve found that there is typically one Tech item and multiple items for each of the other categories — 17 total items in the box!

Everything in my Men’s Health Box this quarter.

Love Grown Super Oats Packet ($5 on card, $3.81 on Amazon): A healthy snack or breakfast option, Love Grown combines rolled oats with chia, quinoa, and amaranth.

Similar to plain oatmeal, this blend is gluten free. It contains ancient grains for a heartier texture, but the nutrition profile is almost identical to Quaker Instant Oatmeal Apples & Cinnamon, which is a fraction of the price.

Skout Backcountry Raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds in Jalapeno Salsa ($5 on card, $3.99 on Amazon): Packed raw, these seeds are very hearty and sure to satisfy any raw seed cravings you may have. The flavoring is spicy and very tasty.

The raw seeds maintain their enzymes and nutrients.

Perky Jerky in Tasty Teriyaki ($3 on card, $1.81 on Amazon) and Original ($3 on card, $1.81 on Amazon): This really is some of the best jerky I’ve had. It is incredibly tender and has very nice flavor.

Originally, the jerky was “perky” because it had caffeine added to it — I always thought this was a bit weird and it was a turn off for me, as it required me to monitor my jerky intake (dosage and time of day) like a medicine. Over time, they adjusted the recipe to reduce the caffeine, finally omitting it altogether. Now it is caffeine free and still tastes awesome!

SKLZ Dual Point Massager ($15): Helpful for relieving knots and tension in taught muscles. It works best with body weight and is great for targeting areas like the back and hips that are otherwise hard to work.

Feat Black Outs Socks ($22 on card, $12 on website): Made primarily of moisture-wicking polypropylene, these socks are ideal for athletics.

The socks are foot-specific, contoured to the shape of each foot. The construction combines mesh, padding, and support sections to cushion your foot while delivering top performance.

The contouring is truly impressive, with a special pop-out at the heel and a special section to prevent bunching at the arch.

LuminAID Packlite Spectra USB ($25 on card,$17 on Amazon): This portable electronic lantern is really handy! It collapses to the size of a large kitchen timer, and it recharges in direct sunlight. It is also completely waterproof, so it’s perfect for camping, hiking, of kayaking, and it can strap on the outside of your gear to charge during the day.

The LED light source has multiple color options, including red…

multiple light tones…

fun options like green…

and darker tones, too.

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood ($35 on card, $19.99 on Amazon): This plant-based protein incorporates greens, fruits, and vegetables to deliver nutrients along with protein.

I expected a veggie and fruit blend to be high on carbs and lower on protein, but each scoop packs 20 grams of the latter and is low on carbs, too!

I thought the flavor was excellent, too. It didn’t have the bitter and grassy spirulina and wheat grass taste most greens-based superfood blends have. The chocolate peanut butter flavor wasn’t particularly distinct, but it blended well with the nutrient mix to create a pleasant taste.

Gold Bond Medicated Original Strength Body Powder ($9 on card, $9.68 on Amazon): A talc-based powder for relieving and preventing rawness from excess moisture.

Menthol helps soothe itchiness and provides a nice cooling effect.

Bearded Bastard Woodsman Beard Oil ($20): This blend of oils moisturizes and protects your face and beard.

It is blended from seven base oils and fragrance oils.

Evolis Professional Reverse Activator ($65 on card, about $49.50 on website): A hair-loss treatment, Evolis is designed to reactivate and stimulate dormant follicles, encouraging hair growth.

Pulse Skincare Quick Fix Spray ($17): This is a useful item to have in your gym bag.  A spritz helps cleanse your face or body during and after your workout, helping prevent blocked pores and acne.

The spray is a simple blend of distilled water and botanical oils.

Blackrock Leather ‘N’ Rich ($25 on card, $8.45 on Amazon): A leather treatment to beautify and restore finished leather.

The makers recommend this for exotic leathers, or any leather other than unfinished leather, suede, or glazed lambskin.

This treatment works with leather of any color, creating a mellow, uncolored luster.

Pulse Skincare Matcha Scrub ($15): an exfoliating and cleansing scrub incorporating anti-oxidant and nutrient-rich green tea powder.

The mixture includes tea tree essential oil, providing some prevention from common gym-acquired skin infections.

The scrub is sugar-based, with a crystalline texture that is abrasive without being scratchy.

Daneson N20 Toothpicks ($5): Made from American-milled northern white birch, these picks are sturdy and infused with the natural flavors of real botanicals. This variety has ginger, honey, and a minty blend of oils.

One end of each pick has a distinctive scorching acquired during the production process.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Keychain ($5): This keychain features a tiny version of the legendary Excalibur.

The miniature blade isn’t sharp, but it has great detail.

Your Tea Energy Tea ($25): A blend of Chinese herbal teas formulated to boost your energy and promote wakefulness.

The blends are designed by a doctor of Chinese medicine, leveraging the benefits of traditional herbs.

The energy blend is one of many offered by Your Tea.

Over a dozen varieties!

Greensbury Farms Gift Certificate ($20): Greensbury delivers organic meat and wild seafood to your home. Our box included a discount coupon good for $20 off an order of $100.

Our box also included coupons for savings on purchases from some the the vendors whose products were featured.

This subscription offers a huge haul every quarter! It is like getting several of the other men’s styling boxes, plus a fitness box, tech item, and snack all in one! The total according to the card is $316, but we ended up closer to $230 (excluding coupons). If you enjoy the various kinds of men’s boxes (fitness, fashion, grooming), Men’s Health is a great way to get a a bit of everything at a great value.

Visit Men’s Health Box to subscribe or find out more!


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    I wish there was a Women’s Health box

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    Hi, great review! The coupon code isn’t working – I get an error message of usage limit exceeded?

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