Lootaku July 2017 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Lootaku is a monthly geek subscription box from Hong Kong packed with high-quality geek and gamer items. The subscription costs $49.00 per month + shipping (currently about $17 to the US), and you’ll get 4-6 themed products, like plushies, action figures, memorabilia, etc., to satisfy your geeky cravings monthly – no fillers or promo items!

I like how the outside of the box is beautifully designed. A Chest – Full of Loot!

FYI – Lootaku dropped its price this year, reducing both the cost of the box and the shipping slightly, to the tune of about $7 in the US.

DEAL: If you’re looking to try it out, save 5% on your subscription – even longer lengths! Just use this link to get the deal.

The theme this month is “VALAR MORGHULIS.” Something in here is so heavy that it is literally bursting out of the packaging…

The item information card, or “Loot Table,” is thick and glossy, with lots of detail. When there are variations, it typically lists each possible variation you might receive!

All the goodies inside my July Lootaku Box!

Hand Of The King Bottle Opener ($8 on card, $12.95 on Amazon): One of the perks of being Hand is never wanting for a bottle opener. Based on the pin seen in the series worn by the (right) hand of the queen or king, this opener is very sturdy and comes in either a silver or a gold colored variant.

Game of Thrones Iron Throne 7″ Replica ($50 on card, $54.99 on Amazon): This massive item is hefty and loaded with detail.

Each of the “thousand” (actually a couple hundred) swords of fealty-swearing lords is shown in superb detail. The top of the base is washed in a green/blue tint to look like the stone floor in the Red Keep.

The back of the base has the Game of Thrones Logo, highlighted in gold. I like the choice of placement, as the iconic throne is instantly recognizable to even casual fans and needs no introduction.

The detail is exquisite on every face. You can make out the individual swords distinctly, and some even have jeweled accents. A dark wash gives the throne the look of unburnished iron.

Game of Thrones Drogon Dragon Egg 3.5″ Replica ($14): One of three variants – you can get Drogon, Rhaegal, or Viserion.

We got Drogon! A small plastic stand is included for displaying the egg.

The egg is covered with “scales,” and each variant has a unique color combination. Drogon’s is cream colored  on the bottom.

It darkens into a deep red at the top. This isn’t the sturdiest of items, but it made a handsome accent for our Game of Thrones display area!

Coin of the Faceless Man Replica With Bag ($8 each on card, $11 each on Amazon): The two coins come in a little velveteen bag. These are officially licensed given to Arya Stark by Jaqen H’ghar for her exodus to Braavos.

One side has a picture of the faceless man, the other has the two slogans “valar dohoeris” (all men must serve) and “valar morghulis” (all men must die). The coin has a patina that gives it a aged and well-handled appearance.

Night’s Watch Tournament Banner ($20 on card, $15.99 on Amazon): This large banner (no really – taller than my wife!) sports the motto and crest of the Night’s Watch, should they ever venture south to participate in tourneys.

The bottom says, “The Sword in the Darkness,” a self-descriptor taken from the NW oath.

The center of the banner shows the text of the entire oath.

The upper portion is adorned with the crest of the Night’s Watch, showing a crow and crossed swords with a crenulated shield.

The banner is a whopping 60″ tall, with a pair of grommets at the top for hanging.

The Game of Thrones loot this month is really impressive! I loved the unusual selections – I’ve seen many house sigils, but this is the first Night’s Watch banner I’ve received. The dragon’s egg was also very cool, and the Iron throne is phenomenal. I was so excited to hear the theme for this month, and the actual loot did not disappoint! Lootaku is one of my favorite subscriptions for (non-Funko) figurines and collectibles. They are super-detailed, relatively rugged, and usually massive! Plus, the box ships from Hong Kong and often contains overseas exclusives that you can’t get anywhere in the U.S.

What do you think about Lootaku?


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