Loot Crate DX July 2017 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Loot Crate DX is a deluxe monthly subscription box from Loot Crate. It’s themed with the regular Loot Crate theme, except it contains premium next level loot for discerning geeks! It’s like a special edition box from Loot Crate – every month!

DEAL: Use code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION to save 10% – $5 on your first box or even more with a longer subscription!

A quote in the bottom of the box!

The box comes with a tri-fold booklet.

The theme this month – ANIMATION!

The information card gives you a list of all the items in the box. It’s super sturdy and has a nice premium feel.

All the Loot Crate DX goodies this month!

Rick and Morty Portal Gun Pin

It’s not a remote control with a light bulb, it’s a portal gun!

Loot Crate Edition TMNT Pizza Cookbook

As far as we can tell this is a smaller format version of this cookbook, and it is epic.

Recipes ranged from this sweet S’mores pie..

to Holy Guacamole…

to Deep-Dish Goulash Pizza. The cookbook is excellent, with easy to follow recipes, unusual (but totally edible) flavors, and pictures for tons of the recipes.

We couldn’t resist and got out the Shredder and made a pie!

Napkin courtesy of Dean from his Loot Pets box. It was totally tubular and super delicious.

Futurama Slurm Insulated Cooler Bag: I admit, I really don’t know much about the shows – but  it’s some sort of Futurama and Simpsons mashup (sorry, just not my area of fandom!).

I didn’t feel that the quality was all that high and I can’t imagine actually carrying 12 cans in it. I think this is a one season and done item, which is fine, but it made me feel it should have been in the core crate!

Bob’s Burgers Kuchi Kopi Figure

Louise Belcher’s favorite night light (there is more than one??) includes batteries.

Let me tell you – this thing GLOWS even when its not turned on. It’s crazy!

It’s about 5″ tall.

This lights an entire room – they did a great job adapting the design and lighting it up – so great that we’re going to keep it on a shelf for emergencies!

Rick and Morty Geeki Tiki Set

I love the Geeky Tiki line! The small one is about 3″ and the big one about 5 and a half.

Just look at that vitrolic slobber.

Morty is petrified.

The GIANT winner by far for us this month was the cookbook – my husband and I just thought it was rad, and our kids went wild over it. We all geeked out in a serious way (so serious we got dinner out of it!). The night light was a well executed item too.  I think this is the item that got held up in customs, although I’m not 100% sure. I think it was worth the delay. This box wasn’t my personal favorite because (gasp!) I’ve never been a huge adult-swim-ish animation fan. I’m SO ALL OVER next month with the fantasy theme though!

What did you think of Loot Crate DX this month?


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