Cairn Subscription Box Review – August 2017

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Cairn is a monthly subscription box for those who love spending time in the outdoors. Each month, you can expect to receive 3-6 cool products that will help you enjoy your time in the outdoors even more. Subscriptions cost $29.99 each month, but the cost goes down with longer subscriptions. Shipping is free for US subscribers and $5 to Canada. Cairn promises that the total retail value of the items in each box will exceed $50, with a mix of gear, apparel, food, skin care, and emergency tools. If you complete the subscriber profile, the box will be curated to best match your outdoor lifestyle. As such, most months will see a variation of boxes, while there may be some months when everyone will get the same thing.

Looks fun!

Every month, you receive a newsletter with some information and discount codes to the products included in this month’s collection.

And also, some recipes using some of this month’s items! I think we’ll be cooking on a campfire!

We get full information about the items included in the box.

GrandPa’s FireGrill. Just find yourself a wooden stick, a fish to grill (or a grilled cheese) and get cooking! To quote my husband: “YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!” We were supposed to go fishing the same day we received this box, and this was coming with us!

It is quite easy to set up, is compact and easy to fold and carry. Sadly, our camping/fishing trip was cancelled, but this is a great item to have! I’m even tempted to use this on the barbecue instead of fighting to properly flip the fish!

Firebiner survival EDC carabiner. To get grilling, you need fire! This carabiner is pretty great!

My husband really enjoys the little blade, perfect to cut any cord that gets in your way. The everspark fire wheel is easy to use, lot’s of sparks came out on my first try. So convenient!

LokSak Odor Proof Bags. Polyethylene bags for food, toiletries, and anything you want to keep in an odor proof, waterproof, and washable bag!

We have received two sizes of bag. They are strong enough to be used with boiling water to rehydrate food. And perfect to marinate fish and meat to then grill them on the campfire!

You even get a chicken breast recipe using the bag AND the Grandpa’s Firegrill!

And for dessert, a Gluten-Free Organic Wildflower Honey Waffle. I love honey, I love waffles, and I love treats! Perfect with coffee (made on the campfire, of course) or with ginger herbal tea! A very nice treat in a very nice box!

I love how everything comes together in this box! Everything is so useful, and can be use in your backyard or on a camping trip! I love this box, and I’m looking forward to next month’s collection!

What did you think of this month’s Cairn box?


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