Brick Loot August 2017 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Brick Loot is a monthly subscription box filled with LEGO-compatible items, bricks, and brick building accessories  for LEGO fans. Brick Loot box is filled with 4-8 items that were hand picked by Brick specialists who scour the world for the newest and coolest products for you to collect.

The theme for this month is BRICKMOJI!

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All the information is supplied on the card, including info about the different aftermarket companies that design brick accessories.

Everything in my August box!

Exclusive Art Print by  Greg Hyland: Every Brick Loot comes with an exclusive art print – they come bagged for safekeeping.

This is a rather atypical scenario for employing emoji, but it makes for a humorous print.

BRICKMOJI Exclusive Brick Loot Tile Pack: A 2×8 tile with a LEGO-inspired take on some classic emoji.

this tile doesn’t have a readily apparent application, but it would probably look cool on a LEGO picture frame or as wall art in a build.

Like every box, this month’s included a large Brick Loot sticker with the month’s theme.

Mr. BRICKMOJI Minifigure: This mini-fig is decked out in racing attire, but it is his face that makes him unique.

He comes with four double-sided heads, so you can swap out his expressions.

Most mini-figs don’t have the emotional range of this guy, but then again, they probably don’t carry around three extra heads!

Head Case + Sticker Sheet: A handy storage case for your current build or to take your mini-figs on the go.

It is shaped just like a mini-fig head.

The top comes off so you can store your favorite pieces inside.

It came with a sheet of stickers to add some personality to your headcase. The sheet has some favorites from the two LEGO movies – a freckle-free Wyldstyle, Emmet, Benny, The Joker, President Business, and Batgirl. Looks like we’re missing the picture, but we used Benny and our 3 year old went around exclaiming “happy!” and it just brought a smile to everyone!

Emoji Case: This case is great for pencils, bricks, or whatever you want to store in it. I like that the packaging shows the actual orientation of the bricks you would use t0 recreate the design, so you can build these emoji using the package as a guide.

Though not made of official LEGOs, this item lets you capture some of the excitement of the franchise by adding your own emojis to the cover.

The top is a building surface for adding whatever designs you like.

It comes with enough mini-bricks to recreate the cover design, though you could also make a nice school bus or banana (or use mini-bricks from home to make whatever you want).

We recreated the cover design, though we reoriented the heads.

Mr. Cool BRICKMOJI Designed by Iain Health: This seemingly simple build was actually one of the more complex custom builds we’ve seen from Brick Loot.

The build comes with all the needed pieces.

The instructions guide you through the build. They show every step, but it can take a moment to recognize the orientation and placement of some the pieces, because newly-applied and already-in-place pieces are depicted the same.

He looks pretty cool once assembled.

Some brown, blue, and green bricks were included in the construction, but only a bit of the brown shows through on the front.

This build is actually very three dimensional for an emoji — the mouth is recessed and the glasses sit out from the face.

Sunglasses: A pair of cool shades to show off your brick addiction. It’s a bit tough to tell exactly what the graphic is, as the large holes obscure the bricks a bit.

The glasses are UV 400 rated, so they are fine to wear in the sun – the graphic is opaque, though, so these are not suitable for driving glasses!

The styling is pretty classic, apart from the brickloot shout out.

My son isn’t a huge emoji fan, and it was tough for this month’s box to generate the kind of excitement that the last one did. I do like the composition of the boxes recently, as they’ve included multiple builds, a mini-fig, and some accessories for you or your mini-figs. This was the closest this subscription has been to being a lifestyle box, as it included several items for use in the real, full-size world. I found this combo to be better than the lights that often come in the box, as my youngest son inevitably destroys those. We always have a great time building with Brick Loot, and it is a great subscription for young and old brick fans.

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