Bokksu July 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Bokksu is a premium snack box that features authentic Japanese snacks, as well as a tea pairing to go with it. The items are what you can’t easily find here across the pond, so trying them is a real treat and always a fun experience!

July’s theme is Tropical Okinawa. Located south of mainland Japan, Okinawa Prefecture is made up of over 100 islands and is home to around 130 beaches.

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Beni Imo Milk Manju by Nampo. Manju is a traditional Japanese confection made with flour, rice powder, and buckwheat. Instead of the classic red bean paste, this delectable treat has a beni imo (purple yam native to Okinawa) filing and is a fun purple delight. I thought these treats where amazing, it was soft and it melted in my mouth. I’m not a fan of the red bean paste but purple yam couldn’t be any better.

Brown Sugar Karinto Doughnuts by Nanao Seika. With the shape and feel of a karinto (sweet, deep-fried dough), this stick doughnut is coated with Okinawa’s famous kokuto. Enjoy the tasty combination of crunchiness and softness! I was not a fan of this doughnut, it’s not quite the same as an American doughnut. I also can’t get over the shape and color of this snack, it reminds me of a dead cockroach.

Anly’s Chura Wich (Brown Sugar and Rum Raisin) by Chinpindo. This surprisingly fragrant sandwich cookie is full of creamy kokuto filling and chewy rum raisin, which makes it an ideal treat for snacking. The cookies are wonderful but the filling is a perfect pairing to create an awesome treat.

Okinawa Soba by Nampo. These savory, deep-fried soba noodles tossed in Okinawan red pepper are deliciously addictive and pair well with a cold drink like mugicha! Its crunchy texture and tantalizing flavor will make it your go-to snack for the summer. By far my favorite snack in this month’s box. I love the spice and crunchy texture, so much better than everyday chips and salsa. I will be looking to stock this amazing snack in my pantry as quickly as possible.

Okinawa Salt Cheese Cookie by Chinpindo. With savory notes brought out by the premium Okinawan salt, this cheese cookie melts in your mouth the moment you bit into it! Crispy cookies with a delicious cheesy flavor that will make you want to come back and finish the entire package. They even smell great. I can’t wait to allow my family to try them too.

Mugicha Barley Tea by Ito En. Mugicha is synonymous with summer in Japan. Usually served cold, its refreshing tea has perfect nutty notes and is caffeine-free, which makes it a great replacement for coffee due to its similar toasty flavor! I can honestly say there is no replacing my morning coffee but I did enjoy this tea. I love that it can be quickly brewed cold so then I don’t have to wait for it to cool down.

Pineapple Batake by Nampo. This Okinawan cookie is so delightfully soft and chewy. Take a bite and enjoy its filling made from sun-soaked pineapples grown in Okinawa. I can only compare these to a much better flavored fig cookie. I chewy outside with delightfully sweet jam like filling, I really liked these cookies.

Brown Sugar Okinawa Chinsuko by Nampo. Chinsuko is one of Okinawa’s most famous confections and is a wildly popular omiyage (souvenir). Reminiscent of shortbread this traditional Okinawan biscuit is perfectly crumbly and has a rich, deep flavor from the added kokuto. Not my particular favorite but my daughter polished off the entire bag in one sitting.

Pineapple Stick Cake by Nampo. Only in season from June to August, this soft and spongy stick cake is a twist on regular cakes due to the sweet aroma and tiny bits of delicious Okinawan pineapples. If I could only get these for three months, I’d eat them daily and get a stock pile. Delicious doesn’t even begin to describe this sweet treat, I was in love from the first bite and was so excited when my husband said they weren’t his favorite. All the more for me!

Bokksu is a fun way to travel to Japan without leaving the comfort of my home. My daughter and I always joke that with Bokksu, we won’t starve if we ever travel to Japan and we might have a stomachache from all the sweet treats but we would make it to our next American meal. I love that there is a little bit of a lesson to go with my food so I feel I get a well rounded experience. Food boxes have become my family’s new weakness we all sit around and try new foods while giggling and chatting… Family time has never been more fun.

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