Bestowed May 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Bestowed Box is a subscription box full of healthy, nutritionist-curated items perfect for a healthy lifestyle. We like this subscription because we are able to discover new products and brands that we don’t necessarily see all the time! 

FYI – Bestowed Box was recently acquired by Urthbox.

For May, Bestowed is providing tips to help you get in shape for the summer (and bathing suit season). Suggestions focus on making better food choices by increasing fiber, using portion control, and limiting snack sizes. 

The May Bestowed Box. You get a few healthy snacks, some low or zero calorie drinkables, a supplement or two, and some literature/coupons. All box items receive the Bestowed Certified seal of approval, meaning they have been reviewed and approved to meet Bestowed’s strict standards. You can learn about the products in your box by using the search tool at

Bestowed founder Heather Bauer, RN CDN is offering a 25% discount on her healthy eating and weight loss program. Here’s a chance to improve your lifestyle or get swimsuit ready!

Four Sigma Foods | Mushroom Coffee – with Lion’s Mane & Chaga Mushrooms ($1.49): Think of this as a kicked up cup of joe. The chaga mushrooms provide an antioxidant boost, while the lion’s mane mushrooms are known of their cognitive enhancing properties. Combined with coffee, this will make sure that you are awake, alert, and aware. The taste was interesting, but I can’t really give an honest opinion – my coffee gets made with sugar and flavored creamer.

teapigs. | English Breakfast ($1.25): This is a repeat item from February’s Bestowed box (click here for review).  This is a flavorful dark tea blend, and teapigs. refer to it as their everyday brew. I like the tea temples; I feel that I get a better cup with them than standard tea bags. But, the whole leaf tea could also be the difference too.

New Chapter | Perfect Hair, Skin & Nails ($15.38): This was also in February’s Bestowed box. This is a 15-capsule container and comes with a coupon for $3 off you online purchase. I finished my last bottle, and while I didn’t see much change in my hair, my nails had a better texture.

Simply Organic | Spice Right Everyday Blends – Pepper and More ($5.99): My spice cabinet is pretty well stocked, so it came as a surprise to my family that I didn’t already have this in there. This contains a blend of black pepper, sea salt, organic onion, organic garlic, organic chili pepper, and organic bell pepper. I love it because it saves me prep time – most of these flavors go into nearly every meal I make so a few shakes can take the place of some chopping and mincing. Yay!

Luxury Barber | Fresh Richie Mens Wipes ($2.00): These flushable moist towelettes allow guys to freshen up on the go. The cloth was fairly thick and durable. I didn’t find the scent overly “manly”; it was a clean fragrance. The only thing my family and I commented on was the packaging. The size and design make these look like protection upon a quick glance. I’m guessing that was intentional. LOL!

aquatowel (??):  I first received this in the March Bestowed box (click here for review). I figure the team at Bestowed decided subscribers should get equal coverage for men and women in the cleansing towel department. This is a biodegradable towel that is free of perfumes, dyes, and harsh chemicals. They are perfect for me to carry around in the muggy Florida heat.

Dr. Snack | Quinoa Crisp – Salty Sweet Kettle ($1.25): These were a favorite of mine in last month’s Bestowed box (click here for review). I really enjoyed these. The texture is like a thin, crispy rice cake. They had the perfect balance of salty and sweet, plus the crunch which made them feel more like a chip. This bag made a great mid-day snack.

elephantea | 6-pack Sampler ($3.00): This is a sampler featuring 6 flavors – green tea, greet tea lemon, green chai, black tea, black tea ginger, and chamomile. elephantea uses organic Ceylon tea leaves, grown and handpicked in Sri Lanka. A portion of all sales helps fund non-profit organizations based in Sri Lanka including the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society. So drink a cup and help save an elephant!

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day | Daily Bar Soap – Basil ($3.99): I was so happy to see this in my box! I love Mrs. Meyers’ products. This soap is made with a 100% vegetable base with olive oil and is triple milled to give a rich, creamy lather. Like other products from the brand, this “smells like a garden and cleans like the Dickens.”

Bug Protector | Mosquitoes ($3.49): This a an all-natural, DEET-free insect repellant made with plant derived products and essential oils (lemongrass, geranium, peppermint, and cinnamon). I tend to be a biting insect magnet and am always the one that comes away with all of the mosquito and gnat bites. Combine that fact with living near a lake, the rainy season, and nearby woods and you can see that this product was made for me. So far, it is working well and the oils are leaving me with a nice side benefit of smooth skin.

Your Super Foods | Energy Bomb ($2.00): This mix contains lucuma, banana, acai, maca, and guarana. The natural caffeine in guarana works in a synergistic manner with antioxidants, phytonutrients, and amino acids to stimulate energy for an extended period of up to 8 hours. This can be mixed with water or added to smoothies, snacks, or breakfast bowls.

The May Bestowed Box was bursting at the seams with products and had a value over $40! I think this was my favorite box yet. There were so many items that I couldn’t wait to try, and I still can’t decide on a favorite…maybe the mosquito repellant. I’ll admit that there were a lot of repeat items from past boxes, but I liked those items and didn’t mind seeing them again. Let’s see what next month brings. Have you tried Bestowed Box yet? What did you think of the products I received – any favorites?

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