August 2017 Hello Fresh Subscription Box Review + Coupon – FAMILY BOX!

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Hello Fresh is a weekly meal kit subscription box with complete recipes and high-quality ingredients to make your own fresh, healthy, gourmet meals at home. 

They offer three different subscription options — Classic (choose 3, 4, or 5 meals for 2 people or 3 meals for 4 people from 6 weekly options/$9.99 per serving ), Vegetarian (receive 3 HF-selected meals for 2 or 4 people/$9.99 per serving ), and Family (receive 3 HF-selected meals for 2 kids and 2 adults/$8.74 per serving ). You can always pause the subscription to skip a week if you need to – this is super handy for vacations!

This is a review of the Hello Fresh Family Box!

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Each Hello Fresh recipe has its own lovely card with a picture of the plated dish, prep time and total time to table, calorie count, and a visual inventory of the included ingredients.

The instructions are easy to follow, regardless of your skill level. Usually you start by washing and prepping all the ingredients before cooking. Within the detailed, step-by-step instructions, ingredients are set in bold type for ease of recognition. Info panes in the sidebar list anything you’ll need from home (pans, cooking oil, etc), as well as the quantity of each provided ingredient needed for 2 and 4 person versions of the recipe.

The ingredients for each meal are packed in a separate box within a padded, insulated cooler bag. Several ice packs keep everything cold, the boxes prevent the ingredients from touching the ice directly. 

The box also comes with a complete nutrition information for each recipe, including a list of all ingredients and their country of origin.

The brown boxes used by Hello Fresh keep all the ingredients for the recipes in order. The boxes used for the family plan meals are big enough to hold everything needed for the meal, though the meat is still packed separately, surrounded in ice. Condiments and canned goods are provided in high-end, commercial packaging. Hello Fresh usually provides pre-measured spices in their own branded packaging.

Hoisin-Glazed Meatballs With Jasmine Rice And Snow Peas. 35 minutes, level 1, 650 calories per serving. We only needed a single lime and slab of ginger. Otherwise, all the ingredients came in pairs of ingredient bags used for the two-person variant of the recipe. This made it easy to do a split recipe (toning down the seasoning in the kid’s half if desired.

This was a very simple combination, but it had great flavor from the hoisin sauce and ginger. I made half of the meatballs without onion so the kids wouldn’t object, and it was still an easy dish to put together. Both the rice and snap peas were prepared without any seasoning (other than salt and pepper), so they remained kid friendly, too.

Winner Winner Chicken Orzo Dinner With Cheesy Roasted Zucchini And Tomatoes. 40 minutes, level 1, 740 calories per serving.

 I really enjoyed this dish. The simply dressed orzo was great for the kids, as was the chicken. They were a little reluctant to dive into the pile of cheese and vegetables – I didn’t mind, since they were awesome, and that just meant more for the grown-ups! Another very easy to prepare dish, this one also was easy to prepare in kid friendly ways. For example, I stirred the parsley into the orzo after serving the kids their portions.

Juicy Apple Pork Burgers With Rosemary Potatoes And Green Salad. 35 minutes, level 1, 900 calories per serving.

This pork burger incorporated crushed apple for added moisture, but it still turned out a little dry. The flavor, however, was superb. The fries were delicious and tender, with the rosemary adding a touch of sophistication. The salad of balsamic-drenched apples and greens was OK. A little was good on the burger, but I wish I had reserved the apple to serve to the kids without the balsamic.

We enjoyed this set of meals, and I was glad that they were fairly simple to make. They didn’t go overboard with seasonings, so they remained suitable for kids that aren’t too close-minded in food choices, and the simplicity of preparation also meant that it was easy to alter slightly to make the dishes even more appealing to kids. We liked the flavors and thought the choices made great adult meals, too. It’s great to get a meal kit that works for everyone in the family.

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