August 2017 GlobeIn Artisan Box Club Subscription Box Review + Coupon – “Accent” Premium Box

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The GlobeIn Artisan Box Club is a subscription that sends handcrafted products from around the world. All items are produced either by collectives that are fair trade certified or that respect and adhere to fair trade principles. All artisans and farmers whose products are distributed by GlobeIn are paid a fair wage for their products.

GlobeIn has revamped their product line and now offers all subscriptions under the Artisan Box Club! The previous subscriptions are now under 4 Artisan Club Box levels: Premium, Deluxe, Essential and Starter. Premium and Deluxe boxes are $33 and $25 per month, respectively, while Essential and Starter boxes are both $10 per month each.

The former “Artisan Box” ($33) is now the Premium level, and the former “GlobeIn Club” ($10) is now the Essential level.

This is a review of the Premium box.

GlobeIn is committed to empowering artisans around the world. With each shipment, you’ll get to learn about the artisans and communities your purchase has helped to support.

DEAL: Save $10 on a 3-month subscription with coupon code WELCOME.

The theme for this box is ACCENT. Artisan Box subscribers have a selection of themes from which to choose. This way, artisans will be able to meet GlobeIn’s needs while also having longer, steady work as they continue to produce items for the Artisan Box.

Along with all of the lovely items in the box, the Artisan Box includes a booklet that gives details about each of the artists responsible for the items in the box.

Everything in my box!

We hope you have fun placing the items in this kit around your home, finding that special spot for each one where it can set off the items around it. See just how far a few choice pieces can go in accenting the tone of a room.

These items are small, yet speak volumes. Wrought with ancient technique from the earth’s most elemental materials, wood and bone. Sustainably sourced, your new pieces encapsulate the history of India, fusing ancient beginnings with a thriving present.

Box, candle holder, coasters, tray—this collection is a matching set, so consider placing the items in proximity, allowing their material and design to echo each other from across the room.

GlobeIn Card

Bone Coasters – India ($35) These patterned coasters can double as table decor when not in use. So beautiful!

Wood Hexagonal TrayIndia ($15) Can be used for storing keys, accessories, and other whatnots.

It is pretty sturdy!

Tea Light Candle HolderIndia ($15) The bone tiles are upcycled waste from the meat industry – I love that this traditional craft gives new life to them!

Great skills must have been required to be able to produce such an exquisite piece!

Wood & Bone BoxIndia ($25) A classy way to get organized.

I love the inlay work on the lid -and especially the hints and glints of purple. 

It’s big enough to use for storing some valuables.

This month’s matching items from India are so pretty and I love the chic grey look with the scalloped harlequin tile. Living up to the theme, every piece was indeed ideal to accentuate a home.

The large tray in the following pic is not included in the subscription – but if you have it, it matches everything!

I’m thrilled that these items match the Mela artisan tray from the Popsugar Neiman Marcus 2015 Box. To the tile! My husband has been repainting our house and our bedroom is finally the nice medium gray I wanted – these went on our bedside tables!

Do you subscribe to GlobeIn Artisan Box Club? What has your favorite theme been?


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