Amazon Prime K-Cups Coffee Sample Box Review – FREE After Credit!

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Amazon is offering FREE sample boxes for Prime members after credit! You will pay for the sample box and then receive a credit back on Amazon for the purchase of specific brands/items in the categories you purchased the box in!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Be an Amazon Prime Member! If you’re not, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial! Amazon has a lot of offers for Prime Members, including the Baby Welcome Box!
  2. Visit the Sample Boxes page and sign up for the ones you want.
  3. A week after your product ships, you will receive an email with instructions about how to use your credit.
  4. Use the credit back on Amazon for the items you want more of!

The Amazon K-cup Coffee Sample Box is $7.99. You can go here to order it and also check out all the other sample boxes available. When Amazon ships your sample box you will get a credit equal to what you paid for the box, $7.99 in this case. That credit can be used to purchase the full size versions (multi packs) of the k-cup samples that you received.

Amazon threw in a little plug for their Subscribe & Save service, which I am kind of addicted to. If you aren’t familiar, shipping is free when you have Prime, then when you choose to subscribe to a product you can get a discounted (5%) price. If you subscribe to five or more you get 15% off. You can choose to have the product delivered every 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 months. So, toilet paper magically appears at my front door periodically. I find that pretty awesome.

This K-cup Sample box included 13 K-cups. The first three where in this multi pack and include Colombian, Brooklyn Bridge, and Corner Donut Shop.

“Founded in 2010, Brooklyn Bean Roastery has become a pioneer in introducing Keurig-compatible filtered single serve coffee cups to market. Decades of experience in product engineering led to the design of our unique tension-based filtered technology, ensuring that every cup of coffee tastes as good and as fresh as the first one of the day.”

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Colombian Medium Roast – “Colombia does coffee like New York does pizza–with passion and pride. Our Colombian brew is a well-balanced medium roast, with just a hint of citrus and a smooth, satisfying finish. Unlike that endless search for the perfect slice, you’ll never have to scour the five boroughs for the perfect cup of joe again!”

Brooklyn Bridge Blend – “Complex and diverse, just like Brooklyn itself, our Brooklyn Bridge Blend has something for everyone. A medium roast that combines four varieties of coffee, this blend brings together juicy, berry flavors with lighter citrus notes, all combined with a rich, smooth base to produce a cup that will delight your palette and remind you what you love about coffee.”

Corner Donut Shop – “Regardless of whether you are a bear claw or rainbow sprinkles kind of person, this blend is the perfect coffee to accompany your favorite morning sweet treat… or its great just by itself. This coffee gives you a morning jump-start powerful enough to keep you going the rest of the day.”

Donut shop varieties are usually my favorite. I like the medium roast with enough oomph to get you going, but not bitter like some dark roasts.

Also from Brooklyn Bean Roastery, this Bold Roast Coffee Sampler was also in the box.

Cyclone – “A ride on the Cyclone leaves your eyes wide and your heart pounding. Capture the excitement of its twists and turns with a cup of our complex and intense Cyclone blend. This extra bold coffee combines the smooth texture of a dark roast coffee with the sweet, smoky flavors of espresso for an experience that will thrill your palate and leave you screaming for more.”

Express-o – “Espresso was originally created for people who wanted to get their morning fix for strong coffee in a hurry. Brooklyn Bean Roastery now has a souped-up version of extra bold coffee to get you where you need to go…quickly.”

Fugheddaboudit – “Look, you wanna know about this coffee? You wanna know if it’s the darkest of dark roasts, the boldest of extra bolds? You wanna know if this can wake you up even after you’ve been sleeping with the fishes? Fuhgeddaboudit! Okay, okay, I can tell you this much… if you’re looking for a tasty, full-bodied, smoky blend, this is the brew for you.”

The Original Donut Shop from Keurig – “Before coffee was complicated, great coffee was simply fresh, bold, and flavorful. This classic donut companion contains the highest quality Arabica beans… dunking is encouraged. Some people won’t admit it, but the best part of a donut is the coffee that goes with it. Without coffee, donuts are just another confection. But donut shop coffee? That’s a different story. The Original Donut Shop® Coffee lingers on your tongue and warms the soul. It brightens your day like a big scoop of sprinkles. And who doesn’t like sprinkles? If you go through life as if it’s a sweet surprise filled with jelly and covered in frosting, The Original Donut Shop® Coffee is for you.”

This is already one of my favorites.  I buy it often, which is cool, because it means I can use the $7.99 credit from Amazon to order more of this one if the new ones don’t suit my fancy.

Peet’s Coffee Alma de la Tierra Organic Dark Roast – “Everything we love in the fine coffees grown in this part of the world. The coffee hails from high elevation farms across the Americas, from Guatemala to Colombia, where superior terroir and carefully honed growing practices create some of the best beans in the world.  Organic farmers in this region are committed to preserving the beauty and richness of the land that is both their home and livelihood. Alma de la Tierra, Soul of the Earth, honors this worthy intention and the hard work required to realize it. Enjoy this medium-bodied cup with subtle notes of sweet citrus and bittersweet chocolate.”

Peet’s Coffee Dark French Roast – “The signature taste and rich coffee character of French Roast comes from a longer, hotter roast, which not all beans can handle. For our darkest roast, we select only top-quality Arabica coffee from the highest altitudes of prime Latin American growing regions. Beans mature slowly at these altitudes, becoming denser, harder and packed with flavor — perfect for retaining boldness and complexity under the intense heat of a deep roast.  Peet’s French Roast is not a coffee for the cautious, but for those who embrace the powerful taste, pronounced smoky overtones, and pleasant bite. This dark, deeply flavorful blend pairs well with cream and sugar, and inspires reactions like this one from John “Nic” Nicolini, a Peet’s roaster for over 20 years: “On a normal day, I cup 50 coffees before 7 a.m. But I always come back to French. You inhale that smoky aroma, and then a subtle sweetness pops out that awakens your taste buds. It’s visceral.”

Keurig’s Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend – “Breakfast Blend is our classic New England breakfast cup. Breakfast Blend offers a crisp Central American coffee matched with the depth of an Indonesian bean to create a bright, wakeful blend.”

Newman’s Own Special Blend Medium Roast – “This inspired blend of medium-roasted Central American coffees and darker-roasted Indonesians is rich and robust, with ample body to stand up to all the cream and sugar that you might want to add to the party. For fans of both dark and light roasts.”

Brooklyn Beans Maple Sleigh – “A steaming mug of hot coffee with a stack of flapjacks, there is nothing quite like breakfast on a quiet Sunday winter morning. With just a touch of added maple sweetness, Maple Sleigh captures that feeling with this beautifully crafted flavored coffee.”

This was good. I’m partial to anything maple. Yummy!

Caribou Blend Coffee – “Gently blends sweet, spicy, and berry notes into a smoothly balanced, relaxing, and down-to-earth taste.”

The Amazon K-cup coffee sample box was great because it had some standard K-cups that most people like (and thus you can use your credit to order those that you already enjoy) and some new and different varieties to try out.

Which K-cup would you reorder with the $7.99 credit?

Visit Amazon K-Cups Coffee Sample Box to grab one or find out more!


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  • PA Anna

    I ordered it for my teenager. He’s happy to try out a variety of k-cups. I haven’t heard back which one is his favorite.

  • Susan Burge (@georgiarealist)

    I got this and have been working my way through it, saving the dark roast ones for my grandson. Since my preference is a little coffee flavor in my creamer, I’ll probably just order the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend one. Unfortunately, it will have to wait till I replace my refrigerator so I can buy creamer – a little power outage apparently scrambled the electronic controls on my fridge, causing the motor to burn out. ?