ThinkGeek Capsule June 2017 Subscription Box Review

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ThinkGeek recently launched a new subscription box, ThinkGeek Capsule. For $24.99 + shipping, you’ll get a box full of unique ThinkGeek goodies, valued a $50+, which includes t-shirts, pins, desktop replicas, household essentials, art prints, and much more!

This box had a planned 3-capsule run. Subscribe to box notifications using the alarm bell to get notified if they go for more!

FYI if you haven’t read all the Harry Potter books/watched the movies there is a large unnecessary spoiler pictured below.

The box is filled with goodies after goodies!

This is the first capsule from ThinkGeek. I actually think this spoiler is pretty shitty for those who don’t know but had intended to enter the Wizarding World. I actually didn’t think it was funny at all.

The information card gives a list of all the contents this month.

Everything in my June 2017 box!

Exclusive Collectible PINZ Fantasy Edition

The 3 capsules each contain a “wave” of exclusive pins, each with 4 variants.

They’re sealed up in a blind bag.

We got the Dragon Head!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Alumni Socks: We have multiple Harry Potter fanatics in our house, so we’re always happy for another HP item.

Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Shirt

Basically the same pose of Link as in the March Loot Gaming. Great artwork and I’m sure it contributed to selling out this box.

Magical Mixing Pony Pint

Subscribers received a mug in one of these colors: blue, yellow, pink, green, purple, red, or copper.

There’s a unicorn crest on this 16 ounce handwash only cup. Do you buy getting your Magical Mixing Pony Pint crew together with all your house colors? Because I don’t.

Fallout 4 Power Armor Helmet Piggy Bank

This is a hard vinyl molded coin bank, and my husband fell in love with it. I’m not sure why because he doesn’t play Fallout, but it’s one of his favorites now.

It has a nice wide slot in the back, and the weathered rusty patina gives it the perfect look.

$5-$100 ThinkGeek Gift Card

I haven’t heard of anyone getting more than $5, which is what I got. Good luck!

BONUS! The Princess Bride Playing Cards: Everyone who ordered all 3 capsules in advance receives a bonus item in each capsule.

We got the Princess Bride deck.

The cards are really awesome – I’m going to be gifting them to my best friend, who will love them!

Whoops, where’s my exclusive limited edition Monkey Pin?

Thank you for reaching out to us.  The Timmy pin actually was only included if you signed up through a promo link directly from ThinkGeek.  I don’t show that link was used.  No worries though.  We do have a few left here and I can have one sent out to you.  I’ll have that shipped as soon as possible for you.

Really? Not what that photo says! Since I ordered this box when their PR rep sent me the link and before the site launched, I’m pretty sure I was in the first 1,000.

For $30 shipped I thought this box was pretty good, but I found the disorganization regarding the promos unimpressive. Putting that aside, I thought the value was a bit more than you’d see in a regular Loot Crate but I didn’t like that the pony cup was just a cup with a unicorn on it. The 3-box run is also a little confusing. That being said the shirt & the coin bank were high quality covetable franchises, so overall I think we were mostly happy, but if this turns into a subscription, we think there are a few issues to iron out.

Visit ThinkGeek Capsule to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Dawn S

    I agree with you that the Dumbledore comment was totally messed up. Kids every day are getting into reading and have not read it yet, my mom is just finishing up the series now and she just turned 70. It is kind of a huge spoiler to drop. Especially since not every subscriber has fully delved into each fandom.