Sunday Mood Subscription Box Review – July 2017

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Sunday Mood is a monthly subscription box that brings you a variety of products that will help you keep that weekend vibe going on all month long. There are two sizes to choose from: The Beauty Sample Box is $25 a month for 2-3 sample sized and 1 full sized beauty product, while the original Sunday Mood Box is $44 a month and includes 4-6 full sized products. What type of products can you expect in your Sunday Mood box?

The Sunday Mood monthly subscription box will contain an eclectic mix of indie brands, vegan & cruelty free beauty lines, organic and eco-friendly bath & beauty products, handmade jewelry, cool niche household items, art prints, specialty teas, healthy treats, minimalist goodies and more.

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There was a postcard on top with this month’s theme, Summer Camp.

The flip side of the card listed the items in the box as well as the value and where to find more.

The products were packed in an eco-friendly recycled box with shredded recycled brown squiggles. Here’s everything in the box!

Piece of Wilderness Mountain Adventures Necklace ($15) I grew up in a place that was about one hour away from everywhere I wanted to be. Drive 1 hour, go to the beach. Drive 1 hour, go to the mountains. Desert. Los Angeles, wherever, it was one hour away. This necklace reminds me of one of my most favorite places to be. It’s made of zinc alloy and has an 18″ chain.

Handcrafted and hand carved, it reminds me of simpler times. I may even share it with my younger daughter, who likes the mountains too.

The Hippie Homesteader Motivate Room & Body Spray ($15) I like the name of this product line! The ingredients are pretty basic – distilled water, witch hazel, and the Motivate essential oil blend, which features lime, rosemary, pine needle, and peppermint.

You can spray this natural product around your home, on your linens, or even on yourself! I sprayed it on a shirt I was wearing around the house (although I wouldn’t suggest spraying on your best clothes, they might get stained.) Each time I sprayed it, I could pick out different notes – ooh, rosemary, wait, lime, um, pine trees, nope, lime again. It faded fast but I enjoyed the sensory experience each time!

OK Collective Campfire Candle ($6) “The best part of camping in the comfort of your home. Notes of smoke, clove and warm amber with simple hints of jasmine and vanilla.” OK Collective makes their candles with sustainable soy wax and phthalate free fragrance. The cotton wick is lead-free and the fragrance oils are high-grade. Small batch and hand poured.

I need this in a larger size, like house size. I want my home to smell like this all the time. Woodsy, warm, comforting, sweet. The cold throw, like most soy candles, is great, and the hot throw, unlike most soy candles, is great too!

Somersaults Sunflower Seed Crunchy Bites in Dutch Cocoa ($13.36 for a 12 pack, $1.11 each) I love it when I get a new-to-me healthy snack product! Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and cocoa are a few of the ingredients here and it has 3 grams of fiber and 15% of the daily value for vitamin E.

These were delicious! I enjoyed them with a glass of milk for an afternoon snack. The chocolate flavor was great, like an Oreo but without the cream filling. Then there were the pieces of sunflower seeds. Yum!

Mediterra Savory Bar with Kale & Pumpkin Seeds ($24.76 for a 12 pack, $2.06 each) Mediterra makes “granola bars” a little differently. The bars are sweet and savory, but not as sweet as a traditional bar. They feature pea crisps, amaranth, and brown rice syrup, plus ingredients that are suggested for the Mediterranean diet.

Apricots, kale, pumpkin seeds, and rosemary make this bar palatable and a different take on the usual s’mores or chocolate chip bars of my youth.

Soapy Layne Healing Salve ($20 as listed on the product info card) I wasn’t able to get much info on this product because the Etsy seller has deactivated her site for a couple of weeks. All of Soapy Layne’s product are vegan and cruelty-free and made in small batches.

Look at the calendula petals in the salve! Since it’s prime mosquito season you can apply this healing balm to bug bites, but also cuts, scrapes, dry skin, cuticles, wherever. Coconut, almond, avocado, and sunflower oils are in here along with plantain leaf, St. John’s Wort, and comfrey. It is silky smooth and I didn’t detect any scent.

This is my second Sunday Mood box and to say that I was happy when I found it in my mailbox would be an understatement. I hugged it, I was so excited! I feel like this box would appeal to anyone who enjoys well-made, cruelty free products that are different from what you might find at your local stores. The value was around $60, which is more than the price paid for the box. I thought the items fit the theme perfectly plus they are wonderful for summer, and that candle is one of the best I have ever smelled!

Psst: According to Sunday Mood’s Instagram account, next month’s theme will be “Island Time”!

What do you think of Sunday Mood? Let me know in the comments!
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  • Ivy

    They’re IG account is now set to private which is a little concerning. I liked the subscription but with three more boxes remaining in my subscription, I’m now concerned that they are closing up shop. If you have any updates about this subscription, I would most definitely appreciate it being shared!

    • Deb

      Ivy, I wish I did but they seem to be out of contact at the moment. I do wish they would post something to help reassure customers but I haven’t seen an update on their Instagram account for a while now but I am scratching my head at the moment since I just don’t know what is going on. I hope it’s just a little mix-up because I thoroughly enjoyed my first two boxes and my August review should be up soon!

    • Jane

      Ivy, I noticed they changed their instagram also. They also are deleting any questions about August on facebook. Now I can only believe that they intentionally left out the info cards with the August box because the cards probably listed additional items that were supposed to be in the box. Cratejoy does list 4-6 full size items and I don’t know if I consider the shampoo & conditioner full size. It’s the smallest size on the SUDSATORIUM shop. They don’t seem to be able to delete the negative reviews on cratejoy but they changed it so you cannot order the full sized box. Someone is seeing the concerns via instagram, facebook, cratejoy and not only not addressing them but trying to delete the record of them. I’d recommend saving screen shots because it looks like this is going to end up as a dispute with our credit card companies. I still haven’t heard a word back from them via their website or facebook.

      • Deb

        That is what I thought as well and mentioned in my August review, that it seemed like the smaller $25 box. If I paid $25 and got a $40 value, that’s not bad. If I paid $44 and got a $40 value, I would not be very happy, especially since the 2 previous boxes were $60-$90 value. Thanks for the social media updates Jane!

      • Ivy

        Hi Jane, thanks for catching that and sharing! I did receive an email from them citing that they’ve had vendor issues and the shipping company they use has folded. Sounds like they’re looking for options but they also admitted the possibility of closing shop in a few months.

        I genuinely enjoyed their box and loved trying the brands and items that were introduced. I would love to market for them to help them out but I also don’t want to people to pay for a subscription just for them to fold.

        • Deb

          Ivy, I’m glad they finally contacted you. I loved my first two boxes and the third one was mixed. I hope they can turn it around because the items they sent were top quality!

        • Jane

          Ivy — I’m glad you got an email. I still have never received any response from them. I got a shipping notification yesterday for Sept Box. I went to cratejoy again today and noticed a review from today stating they got an email that they are closing. I haven’t received that email either ( I checked my junk mail folders) The reviewer noted the website is gone now too. Unfortunately I prepaid for a 6mos sub in June. I never had to dispute a sub before hopefully my credit card co. doesn’t consider it past the time of purchase to dispute.

  • Jane

    I don’t know if you see comments for old reviews but if you do — did you receive an August box? Mine had no info card and less items than normal . The box is racking up bad reviews on cratejoy and they have deleted a whole Instagram post because someone posted a negative comment about the August full size box. Just curious if you did get the August box if it was similar or if you have any other way to reach them as they don’t seem to be responding from their website or facebook page. Thanks!

    • Deb

      Jane, thank you for your comment and yes I did receive the August box and I had some questions so therefore I haven’t posted a review yet, I was waiting to hear back from them as well. I just received notice that they had an issue with their card supplier so therefore it was missing this month and may be gone next month too. I received four products in my box. I still think it is a good box and Sunday Mood says that subscribers can “expect 4-6 full sized products in your monthly full size box” which they did provide. I haven’t valued the items yet to see if it is close to the subscription cost. This is only my third box and the other two blew me away but I couldn’t find any other reviews online. It looks like previous boxes had 4 items.

      • Jane

        Thank you so much for your reply. I haven’t received any info about the missing card. I still thought perhaps something unexpected happened as this was the first issue I’ve had. But when they deleted a whole instagram post because someone tried to contact them that way after stating they were not receiving a reply through other methods it raised my concern. It seems like they are seeing the inquires but choosing to ignore them. I still have not had a reply to my inquiries via their website and facebook page. I also got the 2 previous boxes and 1 more box last spring that was good. I think if they would respond or post something via their social media addressing the issues it would help immensely. I appreciate you taking the time to update me.

        • Deb

          Jane, I agree, an update would go a long way towards assuring customers.

  • Chanell

    Well curated box, thank you for the review!

    • Deb

      Thank you Chanell, I have been quite happy with my first two boxes of this subscription!