Red Velvet NYC June 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Red Velvet NYC is a monthly subscription baking box that lets you make all your favorite gourmet desserts with their DIY baking kits. You’ll get a box with pre-measured ingredients, recipes, and tips on how to design your baked goodies like a pro.

You’ll get 2 kits per month, for only $49 per box! Everything is shipped through PeriShip, which also manages deliveries for some of the largest meal subscription services.

DEAL: Get 15% off your subscription! Use coupon code HELLOSUB.

This box contains all the ingredients you’ll needed to make 2 recipes, except for the eggs. According to Federal rules, it’s illegal to ship eggs across state lines unless you are a commercial poultry facility.

There’s a little letter for new chefs.

The perishables came inside an insulated pouch with 2 packs.

All the ingredients are measured out into separate containers. Everything is premeasured.

The instructions are printed on a full-color two-sided card.

The recipe has full step by step ingredients along with baking advice.

Everything including parchment paper!

This recipe was pretty simple – and the cupcakes were made with a nearly identical cake recipe as far as the basic baking technique goes.

For this cake we toasted the coconut, creamed the butter and sugar, mixed the dry ingredients (the recipe calls for sifting and I just whisk them together because I don’t keep a sifter), mix together the creamed butter & dry ingredients, alternating with the liquid.

For the frosting, you also cream the butter and confectioner’s sugar and then add the flavoring.

This cake makes for a pretty presentation! The card suggests to do the top or the sides or both (there was enough to coat the entire cake) depending on your preference. I liked the look of the fuzzy topped cake!

There’s enough frosting (2 sticks of butter!) to comfortably frost your cake and have plenty to use without running out. I really appreciated this – isn’t it the worst when you don’t have enough to fill your cake and frost it too?

The cake itself is a dense tightly packed crumb that keeps really well and is really tasty. (We put ours in the fridge and set out slices to warm up for the best flavor!)

I would call this bakery quality for sure – I just love how it’s not springy and too light like a box cake mix.

This recipe used the exact same technique and nearly the same ingredients as the cake. Whereas the cake had coconut as the flavor component, working in the coconut cream for flavor and toasting the coconut for a delicious decoration, this one was all about the lemon.

For this recipe we had to zest one lemon and candy the other. There was an error in the instructions – we made a syrup out of the sugar and the juice of a lemon, and the middle part of this recipe called for poking the cupcakes and pouring 1 tablespoon of syrup on each cupcake. We didn’t have 1 teaspoon for each, less one tablespoon, and much less leftover syrup as the instructions suggested. (The instructions should be altered to say “drizzle evenly” to avoid that!).

These have a fun pretty look and we liked how the lemon was worked into the batter, soaked into the baked cake, incorporated into the frosting, and then used as a garnish!

These are probably some of the prettiest cupcakes that I’ve ever made!

The texture and density of these cupcakes is exactly the same as the cake.

The only thing to be disappointed about this box was that the cake recipes were basically the same, but flavored differently. So I guess the theme of the June box was taking one base recipe and completely going two different directions with it – a great skill to learn.

Upcoming boxes have more variety in taste, texture, and technique. August seems a little similar – both Italian basically no bake, but it is August, so I think that’s a fun and interesting choice and perfect for some summer meals.

Visit Red Velvet NYC to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Virginia

    These sound really good but the monthly price is a little steep for me. Wish you could receive just one recipe a month.

  • Chanell

    Those look delicious! Beautiful photos!