PetGiftBox July 2017 Cat Subscription Box Review + 50% Off Coupon

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PetGiftBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs or cats. A selection of toys, treats, chews and accessories are included based on your pet’s size. With each purchase you can earn points to redeem for free boxes and other great goodies. Plus, each purchase helps feed 10 rescue pets! PetGiftBox costs $25 for a monthly subscription, and you can also sign up for a full year or just purchase a one-time box.

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My PetGiftBox came wrapped in paper and had a sticker that hinted at the theme. Inside I found an assortment of kitty play things!

July’s PetGiftBox theme was Get the Ball Rolling! The information card mentioned each product and how to use it.

All of the items in my July PetGiftBox!

Spot Ethical Pets Kitty Teeter Feeder Cat Treat and Food Dispenser is an interactive feeding bowl and I wish I had known about this awesome product a long time ago!

I love the pink and purple colors for my girly cats!

The feeder has a removable purple top that you open up and place kibble or treats around the edge. Then securely replace the top and put it on the floor and let the cats have at it. It comes with a suction cup for use on tile or linoleum or use without the suction cup for the carpet.

Sunny is my rambunctious cat and she had a blast trying to get the food out of this.

It kept her busy for a long time.

She has been using it for several days now and I think it’s her favorite toy!

Here’s Sunny and Zoey checking it out.

Zoey tried her paw at it but she’s not motivated much by treats so Sunny doesn’t have to worry about sharing.

Multipet Kitty Sprinkles Catnip Dispensing Toy I don’t even own any K-cups but this one comes with a special version just for kitties!

This toy is a sphere with two halves, and one of the halves has a spike in the middle for piercing the K-cup, which is filled with catnip.

Once it’s ready to go, the cat bats it around and the catnip comes out of the holes.

Zoey is the catnip queen! Once the ball rolled out of her reach, she decided she was through with it. She’s kind of lazy like that.

Sunny showed some interest in pushing it around but then when the catnip came out of the holes she would stop to eat it off of the carpet. Warning: the catnip will come out of the holes. It’s kind of messy. Keep your vacuum handy!

Ethical Products Spot Lattice Balls I received four colorful balls in this pack.

They are made of plastic and have holes and a little jingly bell in the middle.

Sunny had to smell them first.

She was able to get her claws in the holes so she could pick the balls up to play with them.

Zoey batted them around and used it as a kick toy.

Happy kitty time!

Let’s go bowling!

I shall guard the pink one with my life.

Sunny likes to chew on things, like my couch and the library books, so I am happy to give her something to redirect her teeth. Petstages Kitty Chew Wheel  looks like something a baby might teeth on.

The middle part is hard and rubbery and there are a couple of ties on the side for carrying it with their teeth.

Sunny tried it a couple of times and hasn’t used it since. I am going to have to try harder to get her to use it. I can’t afford to buy books for the library.

Zoey liked taking a nap in the box!

My cats liked their toys from PetGiftBox! The interactive feeder was the best item I think I have ever received for my cats – Sunny loves it and it gives her an outlet for her mischievous side. I liked the selection of items and it was fun to watch my cats playing with their toys and seeing which ones caught their attention for the long term!

Visit PetGiftBox to subscribe or find out more! Let me know what you think of this box in the comments!


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  • Catherine

    Your cats are adorable and they seem to really enjoy their toys! I love how Zoey looks like she’s judging you for waking her up from her boxy nap!

    • Deb

      Catherine she definitely lets me know how she feels! The feeder was the hit of the year, the crazy little cat loves it!