nmnl August 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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nmnl is a monthly Japanese beauty subscription box by the brains behind Tokyo Treat and Yume Twins. They promise to deliver a Japanese beauty experience curated by people familiar with the current trends in Japan.

DEAL:  Save $3 on your first box! Use coupon code 3off.

The booklet is brief but contains all the information necessary.

Candy Faceline Massage Toothbrush — Yes, starting the box off with a toothbrush. I don’t know about you guys, but just because a mundane object is Japanese doesn’t automatically make it cooler… and I feel like that’s what nmnl is going for here. Because it’s a toothbrush. With a rubber ball stuck on the head so you can apparently massage your laugh lines from the inside out.

Coupy-Design Gel Eyeliner — This is an interesting gel liner. The texture comes out very matte and almost chalk-ish, and smudges easily for the first minute or so. Then it sets and is pretty budgeproof.

I like the colour a lot.

Hada Bijin Tofu Soap — Soap made with soybean extract and bittern, brown and apricot seed, and yuzu fruit extract. It comes with a foaming net and a soap dish. This is packaged so beautifully and will be gifted. It smells nice and clean.

Lassic Body Massage Milk — This is a body milk that has skin tightening ingredients like caffeine, orange, lemon, and also has lyaluronic acid to moisturize. It smells like mint and vanilla. I like it and will enjoy using it on hot summer days.

Rune Girl Face Masks — A set of two sheet masks. Rune Naito’s illustration of a girl is on the front of the box; he was an artist in the 1960s.

I went off on a pretty long rant at the end of my last nmnl review and sadly my opinion hasn’t changed much. The bait and switch continues on social media, but on a positive note, nmnl has started asking us more open-ended questions about which skincare and makeup brands and products we specifically love, and many people are jumping in with feedback. Hopefully in future nmnl boxes we’ll see more high quality, popular items like the ones they advertise.

What did you think of this month’s nmnl box?

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  • Maggie

    I have a similar feeling as Chanell. I always hope they send those cute items they post on their Instagram. I actually subscribe it to try more Japanese products. Hope they include more items. So far they have been sending 5 items for past 3 months. 🙁

    • Valerie

      I agree and went on a longer rant in my July review. The baiting and switching is super frustrating and they don’t seem to understand why people are getting upset at all the teasing. Don’t show us products from Habo Lado, Canmake, etc if you can’t feasibly send it to subscribers.

      • Maggie

        You know what is funny? I try to look up the price for this eyeliner on Google and they said it sells for $20 USD on Yamibuy and Yesstyle. I really don’t understand the cost of Japanese products. XD I am not hating it. I just think if they can at least include something cool once (like the sailor moon compact), they will be super popular. Let see what we can get for next box. So far we know there will be an eyeshadow.

        • Valerie

          Every once in a while there is definitely a gem! The honey sunscreen they sent a few months ago is now my HG body sunscreen and I’m running low. But overall a lot of the products are by the same company (Pure Smile) which gets rather boring. There’s another spoiler out for a lip cream, sadly is the same type/brand of product we were already sent a few months ago.

  • Chanell

    I find the box interesting but not interesting enough at $30. Thanks for the review!