Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome June 2017 Subscription Box Review

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The Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome is a monthly subscription box offered by That Daily Deal. Although the themes are generally relevant to the season etc., they are not “curated” to a theme like “let’s garden!” or “let’s get physical!”

The box is huge! This company is a company that is not afraid of shipping costs. The box in the above picture is $24.99. Shipping is free!

It’s definitely summertime here in good old sunny Florida and the items I received will come in quite handy this year.  So let’s take a look.

First up, a battery operated Hurricane Lamp ($24.99 Amazon). As you all know, Florida is known to get a few hurricanes a year and this item will be added to my storm kit. The glass is frosted which gives off a soft glow. It runs off 3 “c” batteries. It has a nice heavy stand.

The lamp stands about 12″ high. It did come safely packaged. I love it already.

Just in time for some tea. I received a canister of Talbott Tea ($16.99 Amazon). The flavor is called Field of Purple Flowers. It is a green tea with organic cornflower (purple flower) and flavoring. Now normally I drink my southern sweet tea but I decided to give this one a try. It is very soothing and has a great green tea flavor. There are 15 satchels per tin, so there is plenty to go around.

The next item is a little something we have seen before. It is a Portable Mist Sprayer ($9.99 Amazon). As you remember, last month I received a pink one. This time, I received it in blue. I now have one for each son for their outside job. It has easy instructions: fill it up with water, pump it up, and push the button for a fine mist of water. It works well but nothing beats hitting the beach which leads me to the next item.

If you live here, you have to have a beach towel. I think it may be even a law. Just kidding, but I think it should be. I received a beautiful Beach Towel by Sun & Sky ($14.99 Amazon). I love the vibrant colors and pattern. I am now ready to go lay on the white sand beaches. It is 100% cotton and is roughly 31″ x 61″.

Another little item for my home, a Lettuce Slicer/ Salad Slicer ($10.96 Amazon).  I love this handy little kitchen tool. It can be used to put all of your salad items in for easy use and chopping. Just slide the knife through the slits. I used recently on lettuce I needed to chop up for tacos. I have included a picture of the instructions.

Last but not least, I received a new Dry Erase Board ($7.49 Amazon) and I am already putting it to good use this summer. With this little helper, I can leave notes for my boys (such as a chores list) or warnings. By the way, they have cleaned their rooms but as for the groceries….well, that’s a different story.

Still no big items but I will keep looking. I hope y’all have a wonderful summer. Please remember to use sunscreen and reapply every 2 hours.

Also included were some inserts about this month’s special items and next month’s items.

Also included were some inserts for Hello Fresh and scratcher for savings on your next order.

This subscription is $24.99 a month and it’s always a fun surprise to see what you get!

What did you think of the Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome?


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    This month’s items look useful!