Love With Food July 2017 Deluxe Box Review + Coupon

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Love with Food is a fun snack discovery subscription available in three versions: Tasting Box, Deluxe (family size), and Gluten-Free. They also offer an Office Plan for sharing with your co-workers. I shared these snacks with my family of 3 (sometimes 4 when my daughter is home from college.) What sets this subscription apart?

  • No artificial flavoring, coloring, or MSG
  • No trans fats and hydrogenated oils
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • Snacks are natural, organic or gluten-free

FYI, you can see our reviews of all 3 varieties of Love With Food boxes here.

DEAL: You can try out Love With Food by using this link to get your first Deluxe Box for $5 off or get your first Classic Size Box for $7.99. You can also save 25% on your first Gluten-Free box by using this link. As always, Love With Food donates meals to charity with each box purchased.

Love with Food’s theme for July was Explore Dream Discover. There were a couple of discount codes on the card and it tells how you can win a special box when you share pictures on social media. If you want to know more about the snacks in your box then you can go to the website and see which snacks are gluten-free, kosher, vegan, etc. You can find this month’s info here.

There were several handouts this month with info on some of the products.

There was also a card with info on the refer a friend program and how you can earn money for extra snacks and a free snack box!

Everything in my box!

Teddy Soft Bakes Chocolate Filling are a Twinkiefied version of a classic kid snack.

Yellow sponge cake surrounds a chocolate filling. If your kids like Teddy Grahams then they might get a kick out of this giant version!

Bandar Garlic Naan Chips  were a hit! They were similar to pita chips and were light and crispy with a nice garlic flavor. Dick & Jane Educational Snacks States & Capitals are a convenient treat to pop in a lunch bag or back pack. I think they also taste good, like a nice shortbread cookie.

I didn’t have high hopes of finding my state and capital in this bag but I did!

Belgian Boys Mini Cookie Stash are little speculoos cookies, the same type used to make cookie butter! They are shaped like a mustache and have a crisp texture and caramelized flavor, like a gingersnap without the ginger.

My daughter loves The Daily Crave Veggie Chips so I packed them in her lunch for camp. I think the amount of veggies is probably very small so it’s kind of a fancy potato chip.

I munched on Aloha Peanut Butter & Jelly Organic Protein Bar for breakfast and although it was chewy and dense, it is also vegan, dairy free, and organic and I thought it tasted good. I liked the bits of peanut throughout. Emmy’s Dark Cacao Organic Coconut Cookie is a macaroon type of cookie, soft and chewy. I love the touch of vanilla in this chocolatey cookie.

You can see the chunks of peanuts in this bar. It kept me full until lunch, too.

Yum Earth Organic Lollipops in Blueberry Tooberry are not only tasty, they are free from artificial colors and flavors! Delicious!

I received two flavors of Nothing But The Fruit Bites – Raspberry Chia and Concord Grape and they are both like fruit leather, chewy rather than gummy. I like it better than gummies for my kids since there are no artificial colors or flavors, plus my daughter liked them!

Ocean’s Halo The Seaweed Strip in Almond is kind of different. I like seaweed in small quantities, such as on California Rolls, but this is on top of a slightly sweet almond cracker and the combo is not working for me. My husband loved them!

Cosmos Salted Caramel Premium Puffed Corn are like a cross between caramel popcorn and breakfast cereal! They are tasty and I don’t have to worry about accidentally biting down on a kernel. I’ve tried  Watusee Organic Chickpeatos before and found them tolerable and decided to see if they had grown on me. Unfortunately, these were not good at all. They smelled like plastic and also smelled off, like they were expired, even though they are supposed to be good until next year. It’s possible there was a hole somewhere on the bag, I don’t know, but I spit them out right away. Blech.

I’m always excited to see my cheery red Love with Food box in the mail, and I always have a hard time picking a favorite item! I love grabbing something tasty to eat on the go, either for a snack or as a special addition to my lunch. I appreciate the fact that Love with Food sends items that can be enjoyed by everyone, including young children. If you review your items for points and have an annual subscription it brings down the cost of the box, plus the coupon codes add to the value. Of course, you can always buy the items individually or in bulk but I prefer the convenience of having a variety of snacks to choose from. I simply grab a treat and stick it in my lunchbox and don’t have to think about it. My family enjoyed finding new favorites, plus Love With Food donates meals to charity with each box purchased!
Visit Love with Food to subscribe or find out more.


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  • Susan Burge (@georgiarealist)

    I keep reading your reviews to see if I’m missing this enough to resubscribe. So far, nope. I don’t have any kids around (youngest in my family is 23), so kid snacks are useless. Hate lollipops and don’t like bean snacks. Not a fan of seaweed snacks or any sort of bars (except chocolate candy). I’ve had those “Stash” cookies before and thought they were bland. So, no sale for me on their persistent offers to try to get me to sign up again.

    • Deb

      Susan, I understand that some subscription boxes are a “miss” and I hope you find one that you love!