Loot Crate Mass Effect: Andromeda Limited Edition Box Review

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The day has come for Loot Crate’s Mass Effect: Andromeda Limited Edition Crate! This one-time box from Loot Crate is now SOLD OUT.

Become a Pathfinder with a limited edition mystery crate featuring exclusive Mass Effect™: Andromeda apparel, collectibles & more!

Calling all Pathfinders: Announcing the Mass Effect™: Andromeda Limited Edition Crate — a mystery crate featuring exclusive Mass Effect™: Andromeda apparel, collectibles and more! The first few orders will receive a SPECIAL BONUS GIFT!*

Good luck and godspeed, Pathfinders!

The box turns inside out.

A description of all of the items in the box plus a short note from Mac.

Everything in the box!

Mass Effect Andromeda Initiative Pins

This pin is a pre-order bonus – Andromeda Initiative insignia.

The pin all purchasers received is the Andromeda Initiative Survey Ship Tempest.

Andromeda Initiative Hoodie: This nice thick hoodie is such high quality – what a winner (and really, do you know anyone that doesn’t love an amazing hoodie?!). It’s perfect to keep the chill off during cold snaps and even indoors.

It has a great insignia patch on the sides. I love that this is a prewashed hoodie. The size on it was more true to size rather than large enough to shrink.

Vortex Low Ball Glass Set: These arrived nicely boxed in Mass Effect Andromeda packaging (sorry, looks like we lost the picture!). Vortex is etched on and the twisted glasses are super unique, and totally great.

Blast-Oh’s Cereal Bowl Set: These were also neatly boxed up – and I love the “retro” throwback to Blast-Ohs!

Enkindling my taste buds is super easy with these bowls. FYI – they seem identical to the Hulk Bowl, but they’re much sturdier.

Andromeda Initiative Challenge Coin

This challenge coin is giant! It’s a fun paper weight or I guess if you have enough Mass Effect buddies IRL and everyone nabbed this box, whomever isn’t carrying gets to pay the tab! There’s an error on the paint on the E.

Lift off! My favorite side – wish this view was on more items!

1:64 Scale NOMAD NDI Diecast Replica

One of my favorite items!

This is a 1:64 diecast replica of the Nomad.

Mass Effect Discovery #1 – Exclusive Variant Cover:  An exclusive variant of Mass Effect Discovery #1.

A young Turian military recruit goes undercover in order to infiltrate the mysterious Andromeda Initiative—and ultimately retrieve a scientist who’s made a potentially devastating discovery. Tying in to the highly anticipated release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, writers Jeremy Barlow and John Dombrow and artist Gabriel Guzmán team up to create the next exciting chapter of the Mass Effect comics series!

This was a good, solid limited edition box, with a mix of really premium items and some nifty items. My top picks are the hoodie, bowls, and diecast vehicle. I feel like the fancy glasses are always a hit – but I’m not so sure about the new challenge coin obsession I’m seeing in boxes. That being said – almost everything in this box seemed plucked from in-universe, and I think that it’s easier for Loot Crate to achieve some of its goals in these one-off boxes than in the normal monthly affairs. For fans of the franchise, I think the limited boxes are nearly always a great box!

What did you think of Mass Effect: Andromeda Limited Edition Crate?


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  • Red

    I’m surprised, the contents are a lot nice than I expected. In fact, I’m almost sad I didn’t get it. Love that they are getting the hang on the item types: the bowl and the glasses have style and functionality, without being tacky.