Five Four Club June 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Five Four Club is a men’s clothing monthly subscription club – sign up, pick a style profile and your sizes, and get clothes every month. The subscription is a $60 flat monthly fee, and traditionally subscribers receive a variable number of items each month, depending on the value of the month’s selections (months with several items usually include a tee-shirt or other lower value item). This subscription ships at the end of the month.

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This month’s collection contained four items. The selections are chosen according to your profile – the clothes are somewhat seasonal, but not rigidly so, and there is no ostensible theme. FYI – my Five Four profile is “Forward” (you can select to receive Casual, Classic, Mixed, or Forward selections).

Everything in my June 2017 box!

Cielo Socks (Black): Stretchy, super low-rise socks that hide below the rim of your shoes. This pair is dark black and perfect for pairing with dark loafers or sneakers.

Cielo Socks (Royal Blue): Identical in construction, but the color is a very vivid royal blue. The interior surface of the socks is white, unlike the other pair.

The bottom of each sock is a distinct panel.

The material is not very rigid, but the socks are constructed like a moccasin. I’m tempted to use these as house slippers instead of socks.

SantanaFashion Tee (Heather Gray): A comfy Tee with chambray body in a soft gray.

The pocket has a bright red diver’s flag. The stitching, with little triangles in the upper corners, is a nice detail that also narrows the pocket opening slightly to prevent the lip from drooping.

Briggs Straight Fit Jeans (Navy): These jeans are described as navy, but the color is really the deep indigo of traditional blue jeans. The legs are straight cut for a classic look.

The tag is very simple, with fairly inconspicuous branding. I like the choice of a dark tag.

The jeans are unwashed, so they develop a wear pattern from your own body, giving them a custom-tailored look. To preserve the pigment, infrequent, cold-water hand washing is recommended. Don’t wear these sitting on your new white sofa, either!

The stitching is lighter in color than the cyan typically used, and the pockets have a very simple and unobtrusive stitched detail.

This set of clothes was just OK for me. The socks are constructed in an interesting way, but they are still socks. The jeans have a very palatable styling, but I tend to find the unwashed jeans to be a little gimmicky for me – and I’m always worried they’ll rub off on other clothes and furniture. The tee has a nice, beachy theme.

Five Four is an easy way to expand your wardrobe. You choose your fashion profile, so you get items that fit in with your general fashion sensibility. Returns are allowed for sizing issues only – this is not a try-before-you-buy service, but the items are generally such that they will easily find a home in your wardrobe. Five Four does designer collaborations and now offers a la carte pieces in their online store to further leverage your subscription items.

Have you tried Five Four?

Visit Five Four Club to subscribe or find out more!


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