Bespoke Post COOKOUT Box Review & Coupon – June 2017

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Bespoke Post is a great way to indulge yourself with high-quality lifestyle enhancements. Bespoke Post is a men’s lifestyle subscription box offering sophisticated accessories, gear, and curated interest kits.

The monthly limited-edition boxes are built around a central, unique theme, and there are usually two or three new boxes to choose from every month. You can also skip the month if you’re not interested in any of the available boxes.

This month’s theme is COOKOUT.

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The front side of the card lists the items included in this curation. They’ve updated the cards recently, dropping the article and lengthy narrative, replacing them with color photos. This month’s theme is COOKOUT!

The reverse side of the card had a couple tips for using the hardware provided in the box to get extra crisp burgers and chicken. The new format is livelier and brighter than the old look – it reminds me a bit of the gear section in a men’s magazine. 

One of the items in the box was also accompanied by a recipe card.

It is a fairly lengthy recipe for a burger, but that is because much of it is devoted to creating a chipotle onion bacon jam – probably worth the effort.

Everything in the Bespoke Post COOKOUT Box.

Melinda’s Chipotle Ketchup ($6.39): Loosely based on the ubiquitous condiment known as ketchup, this Colombia version adds chipotle pepper for a smoky heat that just begs for grilled meats.

There is also more to Melinda’s than just the great flavor profile – its made with cane sugar and all natural, non-gmo ingredients.

Quickles Dill-Style Pickle Concentrate ($4.99): Quick pickling started showing up everywhere not too long ago, and with good reason – it lets you get that great zesty flavor (and tames onions and other powerful ingredients) in a short amount of time. Quickles cuts down the time even further by pre-mixing your pickling seasoning.

I love that you don’t even need vinegar – you just add the Quickles to your veggies and top with water (though I would probably use some white vinegar were I trying to stretch the jar for a big batch of quick pickles).

Cocktail Crate Spicy Michelada Craft Mixer ($12): This is a mixer made in NYC, but it is intended to create one of those drinks that are only really popular in hot climates, the Michelada.

The Michelada is a beer cocktail. The mix combines lime and orange juice with a sriracha kick. You add the beer.

Lamson Walnut Stiff Turner ($21.68): This spatula is an impressive piece of hardware. The blade is thick and sturdy, able to turn the densest stack of meat you can muster.

The tang goes about halfway down the handle, but it extends the width of it and is securely riveted. The walnut handle is dense, with that nice “dry” feeling you only get from a wooden handle.

It is heavy enough to smash burgers, cooked potatoes, or garlic, and it has a tapered front edge for scraping (the corners are even a bit sharp!).

Old Mountain Star Cast Iron Grill Press ($25): This hefty press turns your griddle or pan into a crust-making machine. This is how diners can churn out crisp bacon, grilled cheese, and crusty burgers so fast.

The press is made of cast iron and sports a large star on the top side of the plate, lending much heft to it. The coil handle dissipates heat for safer handling.

The bottom is flat, apart from the two screws. This item is super handy for crisping up items like skin-on chicken and fat-rimmed steaks that tend to curl or retract under intense heat. Also awesome for pressed sandwiches!

Bespoke Post offers all manner of curated boxes, including apparel, hobby kits, cuisine, decor, and more. This box played to the stomach, and they did a good job of including items that aren’t a hassle to use and don’t require acquisition of specialty items. The turner is sure to get lots of use on the grill, and I can see bringing the press inside as a permanent piece of kitchen gear.

What did you think of the Bespoke Post COOKOUT box?

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