Beauteque BB Bag Subscription Box Review + Coupon – June 2017

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Beauteque offers two subscriptions featuring Asian beauty products delivered to your door monthly. Products include makeup, skin care, body care, and more. For $22 per month, your BB Bag comes with 6-8 full-size products. If you like masks, the Mask Maven subscription brings you 9-11 various masks monthly starting at $14.

So, let’s just start with this month’s bag. I love the bright Native American print on the bag. The bag is PU with a lined interior, making it easy to wipe clean.

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The June Beauteque BB Bag theme is Life’s A Beach. The card has information on each of the products and basic how-to-use directions. Pricing for products varied across sites. The prices listed below are those of Beauteque, unless otherwise noted.

The June Beauteque BB bag.

The Tsaio Jasmine Smoothing Exfoliating Cream ($25): The Tsaio is a popular Taiwanese brand that I’ve come to know thanks to Beauteque. I’ve received a few of their facial and body cleansers, and I really like how well they clean without stripping my skin. Subscribers received one of two exfoliators – jasmine smoothing cream or ocean deep cleansing cream.  I think I would have preferred the ocean cream, but only because I am not big on floral scents. Regardless, both products are salt-based exfoliators combined with essential oils and extracts. In addition to jasmine extract, this has a blend of calendula, cornflower, and aloe to soothe and calm skin. The directions say to use this in the shower after washing, but to be mindful of slipping in the oily residue.

I think the labeling is pretty, but that’s just my opinion.

Here’s a look at the scrub. The salt is medium grain, similar in size to table salt.

Urban Dollkiss Urban City Azulene 10° Change Essence ($10.99):  While you may not recognize the active ingredient, I’m sure you’ve been exposed to it. Often, it is applied to skin after a waxing session. The azulene essence in this gel helps to calm inflamed skin – perfect after a day of too much sun. It actually works best at temperatures below 10°. Pop this tube in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes, and it will turn a dark blue color when it has reached the optimum temperature. Then apply to affected skin.

Lador Perfect Hair Fill Up Ampule ($3):  I’ve gotten a few Lador hair products and really like how soft they leave my hair. This is a deep conditioning treatment. Mix equal parts of the ampule with water until emulsified and creamy. Apply to clean hair and leave on for 20-30 minutes, rinse, and blow dry. The formula contains collagen, silk, keratin, and ceramide to rejuvenate and strengthen hair. I’m due for a color and will save this for just before my session.

Tony Moly Lip Lux Kiss Lover – 06 Dolly Red ($12.99): I was supposed to receive the Wangskin Lip Tint in Red.That lip tint not only works as a stain, but it also exfoliates. How, you ask? After letting it dry on your lips, you peel it off (along with dead skin) to reveal tinted lips. As you can see, Beauteque did a bit of a switch in my bag and I got the Tony Moly gloss.

This is a richly pigmented gloss. That said, it will transfer. The color stays true when applied, and this is a bright cherry red. Which is also what it smells like – fruity candy. The finish is shiny but it doesn’t just coat the lips, it moisturizes at the same time thanks to the super moisture complex (jojoba oil, argan oil, olive oil, pomegranate oil, shea butter, mango butter, and rose hip oil). There are a total of 8 shades in this line, and I feel 01 Gold Bar or 08 Viva Red would have suited me best.

Yadah Quick Dry Liquid Eyeliner – 01 Black ($9.99):  I cannot use a liquid liner to save my life. Give me a gel liner pot and a brush, though, and I’m fine. Needless to say, that I will be gifting this. The quick-dry gel formula goes on for a long-lasting finish. It contains soybean, rice, and sesame extract to moisturize delicate eye skin.

Here’s a closer look at the brush. I’d mess up my liner too much to use a quick-dry formula.

Urbanlook Persian Cat Eye Mask ($7.99): This is a two-step mask. After cleaning your face, apply the eye essence to the skin around the eye. This contains antioxidants and moisturizers to revitalize the eye area (such as green tea and ginger). Next, apply the cat eye mask. This is a hydrogel modeling mask, in a Persian Cat Eye shape, that adheres to the contours of the eye area. Your body temperature will warm the mask’s essence and allow for better absorption.

The mask contains lavender oil, a calming essential oil. If you look at the illustrations on the back of the package, it seems that the user is super tired. Actually, the drawings are suggesting that you use this to relax on a flight, while working, during a quick nap, or just to help you sleep.

The June bag had a value of $70! After a long day at the beach, these products will help you get back to looking bright and restored. I was a little disappointed with the scent of the Tsaio scrub, but I can get over it. I think the Urban Dollkiss Azulene essence is the coolest product in the box (pun intended). I mean, seriously, it changes color to let you know when it’s ready to use.

What did you think of this edition of the Beauteque BB Bag? Leave a comment below and let me know.

On a side note: Before trying any Asian cosmetic subscription, expect that most information on the package will be in the native language. That said, more and more brands are including directions/ingredients in English, and information can also be found in English on the majority of brands’ websites (you may have to choose a brand’s global or US site). Secondly, a large number of products focus on brightening or whitening the skin. As a person of color, I have not seen my skin color change. Instead, I’ve experienced that my skin tone gets evened out after prolonged use. However, your results may be different. And lastly, many products contain ingredients which are animal-derived, so these may not be an option if you are vegan. You can also check out to see if the ingredients for the product are listed there.

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