Tokyo Treat June 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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TokyoTreat is a Japanese treat box that is shipped directly from Japan. TokyoTreat has three levels of boxes, which seems to be the norm with snack boxes. Shipping is included with the boxes ($14.99 for mini, $24.99 for regular, $34.99 for premium). For their third year, TokyoTreat has revamped their box — it’s bigger in height and width but is shallower than the old box.

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A letter from box founder Ayumi explains that there have been some substitutions this month. There was a typhoon last fall which has affected potato farmers in Hokkaido. Two items in the May box have been replaced. I love that Tokyo Treat is being proactive about this and explaining the situation.

The TokyoTreat magazine is read right to left like Japanese books and comics. It includes the product information as well as information on Japanese culture, the monthly giveaway, instructions for the DIY kit, and other features.

Most of the popular snack boxes have this sort of tiered system with three levels of size!

Here’s what’s included in the small box!

Dagashi Bag — A bag of randomly chosen sweet, sour, and savoury snacks! I only sampled a few, but from what I can see my selection was a roll sponge cake (it was delicious!), lemon candies, some pudding candies, a teriyaki burger umaibo (YUM!) and whistle ramune candy! I do like the dagashi bag in theory but it can be a bit of a surprise as you never know what is in the bag!

Chili Oil Potato Chips — Puffed potato chips that have a chili oil flavour. I’ve never had anything like this before but I really liked the taste — they weren’t too spicy but you definitely feel the heat.

Grape and Muscat Candy — Japan loves grape candy, and they do it well! Muscat is a lighter, green grape flavour while the purple is more traditional.

Mieji Marble Candies — These kick Canada’s Smarties butts! Meiji chocolate is awesome.

The candies have little designs printed on one side too!

The regular box includes all of the above, plus:

Shimi Coco Corn — This is the item that was a replacement. The original Limited Edition was an soft cream flavour! This version is classic chocolate, and they are really delicious. Japan does great corn snacks, adding savoury and sweet flavours we wouldn’t normally think of here.

Chocobi Space Parfait — More corn treats! I didn’t keep these for myself (I try and share) but they are corn puffs in six different fruit flavours.

Fruit Ramune Candy — Ramune is Japanese soda, and these popular candies are really tasty. The packaging even looks like a mini ramune bottle! They taste like fruit soda.

Porippy Spicy Peanuts — I gave these to Mitch then regretted it when he offered me some. They are glazed with soy sauce, honey, and even bits of seaweed. They were absolutely delicious and the perfect level of spice for me.

Black Thunder Kaki no Tane — A new limited edition of Black Thunder! Black Thunder is one of my favourites, and there are so many different kinds. At the heart is chocolate and rice, but this version also has Kaki no Tane seasoning which is a bit spicy. This month’s box is bringing the heat for sure.

And finally, the premium box, which includes everything in the small and regular, plus:

Lotte Pie no Mi Cheesecake Flavour — A few months ago we were sent matcha versions of this, and I did like them despite my indifference to matcha. These cheesecake ones are WAY more up my alley. They are tiny pastries filled with cream. In this case it’s a sweet cream, and the outside has a glaze. It doesn’t taste exactly like the cheesecake here in Canada but it was so tasty.!

Shin Chan Puri Pudding — Or as it became known at work, “butt pudding.” I often give extra DIY kits to Mitch, because I think it’s hilarious when he tries to decipher the instructions and make it. One time he just ate the powder by itself. This time I gave him the magazine with the English instructions. His interpretation was… rather morbid. (Biggest mistake: putting the strawberry sauce on the butt pudding.)

Tropicana Sakura Peach Juice — I love how brands we know and love here in the West are used so much more creatively over in Japan. This is a peach juice with a floral undertone that isn’t too noticeable. It was refreshing and I would love a bigger container of it!

Sakura Kinako Kit Kit — Another unique Japanese spin on the Kit Kat! Kinako is soybean flour, which has a nutty flavour. There is a slight sakura taste to this as well.

One Piece Pen — Tokyo Treat always tucks in an extra goodie for the Premium box, and this month it was a multicolour One Piece pen. How cute!

Tokyo Treat continues to be my favourite Japanese snack box. They have it down to an art and always include the best mix of savoury, sweet, and fun products. Their communication regarding the potato shortage was again appreciated this month and I hope things are resolved soon.

What did you guys think of this month’s Tokyo Treat?


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