Paper Card & Things Stationery Box May 2017 Subscription Box Review

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Paper Card & Things Stationery Box is a monthly subscription for all stationery and planner addicts. For only $15 every month, you’ll get a box filled with washi tapes, stickers, greeting cards, letter sets, notebook, pen, bookmarks, etc. curated based on a monthly theme.  If you want to get Asian beauty products and jewelry together with your stationeries, you can get the regular Paper Card & Things Box for $28.95 per month!

Ahh, now this is more like it! I loved the beautiful blue color of the box. As for the company, here is a little more about the people who curate this box:

Founded by expatriates living abroad in Asia, we are constantly awed and inspired by our frequent traveling in Asia as well as Europe. The products we include in our boxes are mostly found overseas, personally discovered during our trips and curated by us. Our goal is to share our discoveries and great products we have enjoyed outside of home through Paper Cards & Things.

The theme for May was “Japan Dreaming,” and I think they did a great job of sticking with the theme. When you sign up you will be asked a few questions so they can customize some of the box items to your specifications, so please be aware that your box may not be the same as mine. They do aim to offer $30+ worth of products in each box.

Everything in my May 2017 box!

Miss Time Masking Tape. This masking tape features little Japanese girls in their traditional outfit.

My daughter was an instant fan. She usually likes sparkly washi tapes, but she just fell in love with the design of this masking tape.

This is just so kawaii!

Daisyland Kaiten-zushi Stickers. My Hiragana is rusty, but luckily, I was still able to recognize the “Kaiten-zushi” characters. Kainten-zushi means “rotating sushi,” or more commonly known as conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Japan.

The details on each stickers are on-point and every single one of them shows how a Kaiten-zushi works. My kids just love them!

Burgoyne Thank You Card. The design in front is made from black felt paper and I find it very intricate beautiful.

The envelope flap is printed with the same design, but lacks the felt paper material.

I was disappointed with the card when I opened it. There was a black line inside as a result of printing error? Nevertheless, I think it’s a good card.

Sakura-Print Envelopes. I was happy to see these in my box. The envelopes are printed with sakura, or cherry blossoms. I’ve always dreamed of seeing these beautiful trees in person someday, so I’m glad to see a part of my “dream” in this box.

Zui Xua Neon Color Pens in Green and Purple. Green and purple are the favorite colors of my son and daughter, respectively, and they immediately grabbed these pens from the box upon opening. They’re sparkly and fun to write with. Now, I just need a notepad…

Waru Waru Sushi Weekly Planner. I’m an organized person, and I am excited to see this cute planner. Look at the sushi having fun with the wasabi!

Since this is a weekly planner, the page is printed with Mondays to Sundays. There’s also a place to make a checklist at the bottom.

The back of each page is where you can write longer notes. There’s also a quote at the top saying, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift.”

The back is so hilarious! The wasabi is all alone, now that the sushi was eaten. “My family…”

Japanese Post Cards. I also received a bunch of post cards.

There’s a bento box, sakura, fireworks, traditional Japanese sandals, parasol, pinwheel, and a lot more.

Here’s what the back looks like. These custom post cards are just adorable!

I was quite amazed with my first Paper Card & Things Stationery Box! I’m happy to get my first box with a Japanese theme since I love anything Japanese. There were a lot of items that me and my kids love, particularly the pens, stickers, and envelopes. The only thing I felt that was a letdown was inkblot on the card. Other than that, this was a solid stationery box from Paper Card & Things!

What do you think of Paper Card & Things Stationery Box?

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