Ollie Dog Food Subscription Box Review – May 2017

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Ollie is a dog meal subscription made from real ingredients – wholesome, human-grade, and full of fruits and veggies. Subscribing is also super easy, just fill out your dog’s info and Ollie will tailor your dog’s unique recipe.

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Ready. Set. Drool.

Your dog’s food arrives cold or frozen in insulated, recyclable boxes and trays — liner inside is made of compostable jute.

The food are packed in several sealed trays. The food will stay fresh unopened for up to 21 days, and up to 5 days after you open it.

For first time subscribers, you’ll get this welcome kit. It includes a portion scoop, a “fresh top” lid to reseal your food trays, probiotic supplements, and an information booklet.

The booklet splits into three smaller booklets – they contain info on Ollie, your dog’s new food, and how to make a smooth transition to the new diet.

A welcome note describes the real food philosophy behind Ollie.

Ollie is made from real beef and beef organs, with dog-friendly veggies and fruits mixed in. Some added vitamins and herbs make it nutritionally complete and irresistible.

A short inventory lists everything you need to get started, and it’s all in the box.

The transitioning booklet gives suggestions on easing your pet into his new diet. This is particularly helpful for dogs that don’t deal well with changes to their food.

A nutritional card designed specifically for your pet tells you the proper portioning, how to properly store the food, and nutritional information showing the exact composition of your pup’s custom mix.

A two-week supply of probiotic supplements was included in our kit.

Our small dog only needs one a day. They contain yeast and beneficial bacteria to help your dog digest his food properly.

Our “Some Ollie” had seven sealed trays of food.

The complete Ollie system with Starter Kit.

Lindy loved the taste of Ollie! She ate every bit of it, including the peas. The crumbly texture of the food was good, in that it slowed her down a bit, and when served in a bowl, it prevented her from downing the entire serving as a single slab. I also liked the fact that the food doesn’t smell like dog food – the beef formulation could be kept in our regular fridge without posing any issues.

Visit Ollie to subscribe or find out more! 


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  • Tricia

    My dog loved this food and i loved the concept. HOWEVER like all of these other reviews, i had some terrible customer service. i signed my dog up for only eating ollie, a 14 meal, 7 day plan. i was already making her food and indicated that in the original survey. food came, she loved it and i was happy. i realized i was running low and contacted customer service about my next shipment. they said they usually send the 2nd shipment 2 weeks later because of the transition period, which again, i indicated her food was already homemade and she didn’t need a transition period. i would expect for a dog food company that is charging over $200 per month, when an issue would arise on their end, they would bend over backward and make it right. i asked if they could overnight her food and they said that was not an option. they suggested i make her food over the weekend and i would get her food the following week tuesday. i ended up getting it wedneday. they promised a 50% discount for the error, which i had to contact them again because they charged me full price.
    I canceled today and am going to try another company.

  • Amanda

    They have double charged me towards the end of the month leaving me no money for food for myself. They’ve also shipped my order to the wrong address (I provided a different one because I was out of town) and came back from my trip with all my food spoiled. They also won’t notify you if it’s a holiday and it interferes with your scheduled delivery. Which leaves me to my own devices for a couple of days at times. It’s a shame for such a good product they run their business very poorly.

  • Daniel Goldsmith

    Good quality food but HORRIBLE customer service. An utter pain in the ass to deal with. They miss shipping dates repeatedly and offer no substantial refunds.

    Good product + Horrible execution = Bad Product.

  • Daniel Goldsmith

    gave Ollie a try and cancelled after 2 attempts. The food quality is good, clean bowl club in my house but the execution and delivery is atrocious and customer service is simply tone deaf. They missed a delivery by 5 days….I dont need to explain the impact of dog food arrive 5 days late to the audience here. Their communication was terrible and they offered a pittance of a refund for our troubles.

    So many others out there and I’m sure it wont be difficult to out pace Ollie.

    Best advice is to try several others.

  • Sheryl

    Do NOT do business with this company! They humiliate you as a customer and go to the ends of the earth (including reviewing ur recorded call several times) to NOT refund your money. There is quality food from many manufacturers that value you as a customer. They have no regard for you once they’ve taken your money! Not to mention $3 per day for small dog-they charged me $57 and refused to stop the shipment!! Harrison and Whitney are horrible people and blamed the fact they are a small start up as to why they they didn’t do the right thing as a company! I’ve never had such a HORRIBLE customer experience from ANY company and I’m a Director of Customer Service! Run from this company and keep your money-they r a rip off!!!!!!!