July 2017 GlobeIn Box Theme Spoilers + Coupon

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GlobeIn is now offering 2 themed boxes every month to select from. They’ve released a few spoilers for the first July 2017 Artisan Box. The theme is ADVENTURE!

Dear Venturers & Voyagers, Romantics & Pioneers,
Adventure is an impulse. It is also a muscle. It requires the ability to plan and the gumption to let go, the ability to carry and the surrender to toss. It calls for just the right accessories—threadbare, essential.
What are you waiting for? Run. Jump over things. Go where it’s beautiful. Where it is forbidden. Find something hidden. Sneak around. Climb to the top. Go to the bottom, to the edge, go the distance. Plot a course. Get lost. SLEEP UNDER THE STARS. Spontaneously. Metaphorically. Take a dirt road. Get dirty. Get in a tree. Be adventurous.

DEAL: You can use code WELCOME to save $10 on your first box of a 3+ month subscription.


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