Geek Gear World of Wizardry Wearables Subscription Box Review + Coupon – May 2017

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Geek Gear World of Wizardry, a Harry Potter themed box now offers a new subscription box with only wearable items – the Geek Gear World of Wizardry Wearables!

When you sign up, let them know which house you’re in, and they’ll take care of the rest, delivering a box of magical items to you every month! The items are not authorized or official.

The box has cool house decorations on the outside!

DEAL: Save 10% on your first month! Use coupon code NEWSUB10.

Nice touch at the bottom of the box!

The information book gives you a full list of all the wearables in your box.

This month came with another House-related item.

I don’t even think this full-color multi-page booklet is necessary because the items really do speak for themselves, but it’s nice to see the variations. A flat card would suffice!

Everything in my box!


The first item came by Owl Post!

It’s a golden snitch pocket watch!

My daughter was super jazzed about this one.

The chain was quite long and it did get broken by our two year old, but my husband was able to patch it up quickly.

House Bow Tie: This is a pin-on bowtie so you can use it for an under the chin look, on a purse or bag, on a fabric headband, etc. It’s actually quite versatile!

Expecto Patronum T-Shirt: Well, we stuck with this subscription another month hoping they’d get their act together, but apparently all their items are lifted from other designers.

House Wristband

Amortentia T-Shirt

This one, I think is a little better copying far less of the original expression of the WB shirt:


BTW, my 8 year old was too mortified to wear this to school, but she kept it as a night shirt!

Here’s a clue on what’s coming this June.

I’d like to see a lot more originality and a lot less copying from this subscription.

Visit Geek Gear World of Wizardry Wearables to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Valerie

    Wow, I can’t believe they so blatantly rip off designs from other people. I mean the lines are blurred when it comes to fandom boxes, but… gross.