Fred’s Box June 2017 Subscription Box Review

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Fred’s Box is a children’s subscription box that is a mystery box full of goodies that are suitable for all children aged over the age of 3. It comes with a reading book, an Ooshie (for the over 5’s), 4 x crayola funky shapes (for the under 5’s), trading cards, Fred’s Box pencil, sticker and 4 design your own postcards along with between 2 and 5 mystery gifts!

The box is kid-sized and conveniently fits through the letterbox.

The box includes 6 figures that closely resemble characters from the franchise, plus a bunch of weapons and accessories.

Fear Forest ($3.15) – I love getting books in boxes and Fred’s Box sends one every month. My youngest son is all into books that he thinks are going to be scary and with the title of this one he is stoked. We have a couple more days of school left but he has added this to his summer reading pile.

The micro-ship is forced to make a crash-landing on Planet Kree-Marr. What will be lurking in the swamp? Find out in Swamp Crash! In Spaceship Graveyard Ant, Tiger and Seven try to find the jammer that caused their ship to crash, but what else will they find among the tangled wrecks? Max, Cat and Nok hide from the scary Meebs, but what they don’t know is that something even more frightening awaits them. Find out what in Fear Forest. In Danger Below Ant, Tiger and Seven are forced to hide underground to escape the Krools. But will they be any safer below the surface? In The Cave of Life our heroes meet the living soul of Planet Kree-Mar – Kree-Ator – who tells them where to find the next Fragment of Exis, but they soon find that getting it won’t be that easy. Kree-Ator needs the micro-friends’ help to save Planet Kree-Marr, but will they be able to defeat the Krools and the Mega-Meeb? Find out in Save the World! Each book comes with notes on the inside front and back covers for teachers, TAs and parents/carers, which give question prompts and points for discussion, challenge words, and additional activities that children can do.

Minion Bumpeez ($5.99) – This is actually a game and since my boys have been playing where they toss a ball against my wall lately these will be great to take that place. There are a couple different versions of games with this and I’m hoping they like one of them. I’ve never seen this but we all think it looks fun.

DC Comics Ooshies ($5.99) – These are decorative pencil toppers and totally fun. This is a unique looking Batman that we good this month. My youngest put this away on his desk for all the writing he plans to do this summer. If you like Ooshies, Fred’s Box has a subscription with just those in them as well.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trading Cards – All trading Cards are good in my house. My boys collect them all and then talk about them and sort them and share them and trade them. We have recently started watching the newest Ninja Turtles movie so they know who all these characters are now. The cards are really nice and thick. I love the foiled ones.

Minion BackPack Clip – With the new Despicable Me movie coming out soon my boys have both been back into the Minions. This is so cute and its a backpack clip which is always welcome with them.

Minion Stewart Bungee Bracelet – More Minion fun. We will be all decked out when we head to the movies.

Each box also comes with 4 design your own postcards and a pencil. This month we got a green lead pencil which was so cool according to my boys.

This was my first Fred’s Box and we were very happy with all out items. Since all things are better when they come in a box getting a book each month is so fun and makes it easier to get my boys to read. They like to read but they especially love when the book comes as a surprise.  This month Fred’s Box also got us all set up to go to the new Despicable Me movie and we’ve already had our discussion on when we are going to see that one.  We can’t wait to see what they send next.

Visit Fred’s Box to subscribe or find out more!

Fred’s Box

Fred's Box is a children's and geek subscription box aimed at everyone over the age of 3. They have 2 boxes, a box filled with Ooshies (over 5 years old) and a Stationery Box (aimed at children between 3 and 6) They send between 2 and 20 Ooshies each month and can be either ordered as a one-off or as a monthly subscription and therefore caters to all budgets. We ship worldwide. Free postage in the UK.

Ships From UK to US/CA/UK/AUS/WW.
Shipping Free Shipping to the UK, Varies International Shipping
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32 per month


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