Firefly Cargo Crate May-June 2017 Review + Coupon

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Loot Crate Firefly Cargo Crate comes every other month and each box has a theme to a character from the show/movie. The theme this month is River Tam. I know I say this each box but I get the biggest grin on my face when this box comes. My boys even come running when they see it being delivered to tell my my favorite box is here. They know me so well already.

First look into my box. There isn’t much packing to these box with the flat paper items on the bottom to keep them a little safer from wrinkling and the rest of the products just sitting on top.

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Everything in my crate this month.

The Firefly crate does not just send an info card but they send a whole mini magazine called You Can’t Stop the Signal. It gives information on the items in the crate and other behind the scenes stories and interviews.

The Signal starts with a nice note from Loot Crate. I love how they wanted this box to be about her joy and not all about the killing machine she was created to be. I love the fun and carefreeness of River and she was so very needed on Serenity to balance out all the seriousness.

The info pages in the magazine.

River Tam Little Damn Heroes Mini Master – This is a great image of River and I love how she looks to be floating in her dancing.  These mini masters are so well done and the detail is fantastic. Just look at the pleats in the ruffles of her skirt and the buckles of her boots. So fantastic.

Kaylee Q-Bit Mystery Mini – Ooohhh, Kaylee in her pretty pink dress. This is an iconic outfit for her and with that, they sent everyone the same one this month. Shiny!

Octopus Glow-in-the-Dark T-shirt – This is straight out of the movie and is what is playing on the screen to trigger the killer in River. My boys think this shirt is really cool and told me I need to wear it ASAP.

Miranda Travel Sticker – Each month we get a sticker for a location to go along with out theme. Miranda is the planet that the Alliance basically killed and created the Reavers on. It is the place that River had locked in her brain that they did not want to get out to the world.

Atlas of the ‘Verse Flash Card – This month the card goes with the theme and is also for Miranda.

Fruity Oaty Bar Lapel Pin – We get a crate themed pin each month and this one goes back to the movie and the commercial that is showing when River is triggered. It goes right along with the shirt they included this month.

River’s Inflatable Axe – My boys are calling this the best item in the box and while I like it, I’m not sure its my favorite. They have been going around hacking at each other and just laughing and laughing.

Another phenomenal Loot Crate Firefly Cargo Crate. This really is one of my favorite shows of all time and getting this crate every couple of months just reminds me why. They do a great job of selecting items that go along with the character they are representing and this month was no exception.  On the TV show River was a great comic relief and light on an otherwise dark ship and then in the movie she was just a badass and we loved her even more. They sent a great collection of items to represent River in both of her personas and I love everything.

The theme for the next crate has already been announced: Going Mad with Simon Tam.

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