EcoFlower Like It Monthly Box Review – June 2017

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Eco Flower is an online “florist” that makes bouquets out of recycled and sustainable materials like book pages, brooches, burlap, music sheets, pallet wood, pine cones, and sola wood. The bouquets last forever and are can be individually scented with fragrances such as black raspberry vanilla, Egyptian lavender or Japanese cherry blossom.

This is the review for the Like It Monthly Box for $9.99. There’s also the Love It Monthly Box for $29.99 and Gotta Have It Monthly Box for $49.99.

Our “flowers” arrived in perfect condition.

The arrangement itself is secured with some knotted cord. They really do look real, but last forever! I think it’s totally amazing that they use recycled materials to make these beauties.

This is such a great, fun way to bring a floral arrangement into your home without the typical expense and of course limited shelf life of flowers. I really love that they are upcycling the materials and I liked the unusual arrangement this month.

Unfortunately I have 2 things to report – #1 – we have received a great number of complaints about EcoFlower taking money and not charging (and indeed, I think I may have been charged two times for one box – the last we received was March). Also, this low cost option is no longer available:

Visit Eco Flower Anonymous to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Becky

    Do not order from this company. They are horrible. Check out their BBB rating and the Facebook gape eco flower screwed me over. You will find 100s if people who paid and got nothing .

  • Lynn

    I have seen some of the “products” that have been sent out in subscription boxes from Eco Flower and this is definitely one of there better items. They literally sent a coffee can and a “flower” that looked like my 5 year old had a project involving coffee filters. Considering “Eco Flower” has a team dedicated to removing anything negative including constructive criticism, one would hope they didn’t have an excessive amount of brides and other people waiting months for product they’ve already paid for. However, Eco Flower has turned into a giant Ponzi scheme and are using new orders to try and fulfill some back orders. I wouldn’t trust them with any more of my money, they refuse to stand behind their products and don’t understand customer service at all.

  • Natasha Drylie

    Don’t order from this company. They don’t ship sometimes at all and won’t answer messages or calls. I’m still waiting on something that was supposed to arrive six weeks ago. Don’t take my word for it – check out their BBB rating and other reviews. Try Sola Wood Flowers!

  • Nvragn

    This company is a joke. How can they keep up with monthly boxes for everyone when they can’t even keep up with the orders already placed and waiting for MONTHS!!?? I finally cancelled mine after 4 months and no response to my last email inquiry. I’m all for supporting small businesses, but I think this one tried to go too big too fast and the customers are suffering.

  • Sf

    Terrible Company
    Beware do not order the worse customer service I have ever had with a company! They do so much promotion but can’t even keep up with orders placed months ago. I regreted ordering from them. #ecoflower #ecoflowerscrewedme

  • Kasey Masula

    TERRIBLE COMPANY!! DO NOT ORDER! They will take your money and you will never receive the product.

  • Steph

    Please don’t direct people to this company. Their products are such a great concept and they are beautiful if you don’t get the rushed together crap they are sending out lately, but their service is HORRIBLE! They take your money immediately, then don’t deliver for months or ever, then after multiple attempts to get a hold of them they respond with lies. Visit the Facebook page “Eco Flower Screwed Me Over”, check their BBB rating, or even just do a quick Google search of “Eco Flower reviews” and you can see that this company is not trustworthy in even the slightest sense of the word.

  • Danielle Matthews

    Look at BBB rating before ordering. My wedding order is one of thousands screwed up and late. Mother’s Day orders haven shipped. They are awful. No answer to emails or messages ever.

  • Natalie Senecal

    You might want to look into Eco Flower some. I placed an order with them on April 1st and I still have not received any merchandise. I have called them numerous times, I have emailed and I either sit on hold for 10-20 minutes or I leave messages and no one is calling me back. I have now filed a dispute with my credit card company hoping to get back the $271.93 I paid. Please consider removing them from your recommendations, I think there is something wrong for sure!

    Thank you!

    • Brandy

      I didn’t recommend them. Please read the end of the review.

  • Kelley

    You really should be honest in your review, the company comes with an F rating on BBB, and with an entire website dedicated to customers that have been screwed over by Eco Flower, I think it stands to say poor customer service is an understatement. Criminal would be closer, especially since they are being investigated by the Utah consumer protection agency. Even PayPal dropped them.

  • Jay

    Eco Flower is a horrific company with terrible customer service. They are months behind on unfulfilled orders that people have paid for, yet they continue to run promotion after promotion. Customer emails and inquires go unanswered, and they currently have a 94% negative review rating on BBB (which translates into an F rating). I don’t recommend working with them as an affiliate if you care about your brand image.

    • Brandy

      Hi Jay – we aren’t an affiliate in any way!

  • Jenny

    I really need to get me some of these flowers sometime. I always think they look gorgeous when I see the pictures.

    • Maria Phillips

      Be very cautious. Your order may never come. They are very behind on orders and people have reported waiting 4+ months and no response from customer service. there are many other wood flowers companies on Etsy.