The Collectors Case May 2017 Subscription Box Review

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The Collectors Case is a geeky mystery box shipping from Canada. This box is super cool because you have a chance to receive a mystery POP Vinyl or a celebrity autograph! There is typically a theme for the month.

The production of this box is top notch – the branded kraft paper is thick and smooth, and looks so professional!

May marks the one year birthday of Collector’s Case, and each box contains a glitterbomb. Super sparkly, but impossible to clean up! Please excuse any stray glitter in the photos.

The info card includes all the items you’ll receive. You also have a chance to receive a bonus Pop vinyl or an autograph! May’s theme is GOTHAM. I don’t follow DC at all, but who doesn’t know Batman?!

Riddler Keyring ($7.99) Heavy duty and has a traditional keyring as well as a clip.

Batman Mash’em ($4) A blind packaged capsule containing a squishy minifig of the DC toons. Who did I get?

I got the Riddler! What are the odds?!

Crazy Foam ($9.99) This can be used as body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. Of all the items in the box this seems the most geared towards a younger audience, which is fine — it’s just not something I will use myself.

DC Comics Essentials Graphic Novels — Celebrating 75 years of Batman, that’s crazy! I recognise all the well known characters on the front like Harley, Two Faced, and Catwoman.

Riddler T-Shirt — This is a very vivid green with the classic ? on the front.

The back has a quote at the nape as well.

Arkham Asylum Bank ($15) The size of this bank is impressive, and it has good detail on the features. It’s a piggy bank so you can save your money for tickets to the next movie!

The Riddler as Batman Pop Vinyl ($6.98) Funko did a series of Pops where the villains are dressed as Batman. Here’s the Riddler pretending to be Batman… the giant question mark is a bit of a giveaway!

Gotham Trading Cards ($5.20) These packs are Season 1 but I’ve only found the individual packs for the latest Season 2. The trading cards have a rare chance for a wardrobe or autograph card.

Sadly, I didn’t get any of either. I haven’t watched the show but I love trading cards, and these are well done with trivia and info on the reverse.

If you’re a DC fan, this month’s Collector’s Case was a great tribute to the heroes and villains of the Batman series. It’s awesome that Batman has been around for 75 years. And of course, Collector’s Case is celebrating their own success of their first year, which is also super cool. (Though maybe ease off on the glitter next time, you guys!)

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