Bokksu June 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Bokksu is a premium snack box that features authentic Japanese snacks, as well as a tea pairing to go with it. The items are what you can’t easily find here across the pond, so trying them is a real treat and always a fun experience!

First look! The bright orange color of Bokksu makes me smile, that color is impossible to ignore. I just love how neatly packed these boxes are, hardly any of my treats are broken or destroyed.

DEAL: Save $10 on your first box with coupon code HELLO.

June 2017 theme is Citrus Summer! Receiving a box full of citrus-flavored snacks is just refreshing, especially now that summer is just around the corner. Aside from being delicious and pretty, citrus fruits come with so many health benefits too!

Pocky Trinity Orange Peel by Glico. This premium Pocky is coated in chocolate and sprinkled with orange peel, creating a delicious trio. Oh my goodness, are these amazing! Sweet and zesty with orange peel is such a great combination. We have found the chocolate and cookies and cream flavors of Pocky at our local Walmart but if I ever find this one, I will be clearing the shelves.

Jagariko Yuu Pepper by Calbee. These are crispy potato sticks that debuted in 1995 and rapidly grew in popularity to become one of Japan’s bestselling snacks. The Yuzu pepper adds a spicy kick to the usual savory potato flavor. I was expecting them to be spicy but it’s more like a kick of black pepper to me. I like them but they are super salty so I had a little help hitting my water intake goal for the day.

Lemon Cheese Cake Pie. Wrapped in a buttery pie crust is lemon cheese cake mixed with apricot jam. This flaky delight becomes even more refreshing when refrigerated. To me, this was more like a breakfast danish than pie, and it was awesome. The crust is melt-in-your-mouth good. I ate it for breakfast without a second thought.

Erl Grey and Oange Peel Rusk. It’s twice baked baguette with a generous amount of Earl Grey tea and orange peel layered on top. Delightfully crisp with a slight sweetness and hint of citrus.

Oban Yuzu Zarame Senbei by Komeno Sato. Flavorful crunchy rice cracker is sprinkled with small bits of Yuzu from Tochigi Prefecture and Yuzu flavored crystal sugar. This is the best Senbei I have tried in Bokksu and the only one I have finished. It was sweet and zesty, a game changer for this taster.

Yuzu Green Tea by Kagoshima Seicha. Yuzu peel from Soo City in Kagoshima Prefecture adds a fresh, fruity aroma to this premium tea. I have to say that most of the teas I’ve tasted from this box have left a lot to be desired but I am looking forward to trying this one. Unfortunately, it’s going to have to wait until the temperatures aren’t in the triple digits.

Lemon Doughnut Cake by Marunaka Seika. This doughnut cake is sweet and buttery with a moist, dense texture. The tangy and refreshing lemon flavor comes from adding lemon peel to the doughnut batter. It was heavy and delicious. Qith a cup of iced coffee, this would be a perfect break from a hectic day or any day for that matter.

Lemon Daifuku by Yoneya. Daifuku literally means “big luck” and is a traditional mochi confection usually stuffed with red bean. This one uses white beans and real lemon peel to give it a zesty, smooth finish. I honestly can not get over the texture enough to take it out of the plastic, it messes with my sensory issues. My daughter (the bravest food tester in the house) said it was kind of like eating a lemon flavored marshmallow, I’ll take her word.

This has easily been my favorite box from Bokksu, I love citrus and this knocked my socks off. Lemon is my weakness. I love the way you can make sweet and flavorful treats with it, so it surprised me that the Orange Pocky was my favorite item. This month was a great box that even my husband joined us in the tasting and he actually liked the majority of what he tried. My daughter and I always joke that with Bokksu, we won’t starve if we ever travel to Japan and we might have a stomachache from all the sweet treats but we would make it to our next American meal. Thanks to the curating team at Bokksu, it’s easy to travel to Japan without leaving home.

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