Sports Crate MLB Edition May 2017 Review + Coupon

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Sports Crate: MLB Edition is the newest member of the Loot Crate family and the first sport from Sports Crate. This monthly box includes 5-7 team-specific gear, collectibles, and more in every box, for $39.99 per month.

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We grabbed the Boston Red Sox box. The subscription currently offers a choice of 10 MLB teams, but I suspect the number will grow quickly.

All of the MLB items in the crate are officially licensed, complete with logo and holograms on the packaging.

This certificate was included to welcome us and assure us of the authenticity of the contents.

The box itself is pretty cool (this is a Loot Crate relative, after all). The bottom has a cool factoid on MLB attendance.

Everything in my May 2017 Sports Crate: MLB Edition box!

The theme is Bringin’ The Heat! The focus will be on pitchers. Luckily, the Sox have a pretty good one, otherwise this would be one awkward crate.

You could also win a VIP experience, meeting your favorite players on the field!

The information card gives you a list of all the MLB goodies this month!

Bringin’ The Heat T-Shirt: This is really more of a T-shirt and jersey hybrid. The material is a silky synthetic with very vivid colors. It is a raglan style, and the sleeves fall a couple inches above the wrist for maximum maneuverability. The design is an exploded baseball glove, showing all the panels that form the glove when sewn.

In fact, it was a bit of an amusing head scratcher until my wife googled “Baseball Glove Pattern” – this is the first result!

The shirt has a tag declaring it genuine, so everyone will know your limited edition shirt is legit.

The front has a full color team logo.

The back has the Sportscrate logo between the shoulders.

Bringin’ The Heat Pin: Each box has a collectible pin.

It is very colorful and well-rendered. The enamel design features your team’s logo plus a flaming baseball.

It is suggested that this pin may be valuable some day. Maybe.

Topps Boston Red Sox Rick Porcello Trading Card: This card is part of a set of 5o made exclusively by Topps for Sportscrate. Rick Porcello is one of 5 Red Sox in the series.

There are 5o cards in the series, and Sportscrate currently offers 10 teams for its subscriptions. Doing the math, I’m hazarding a guess that each subscriber will get all five position players for their chosen team over the course of their 2017 subscription, with the choice of player tied to the monthly theme. That’s just my guess.

Rick Porcello Action Figure: A highly articulable figure of the ace pitcher.

He comes with a stand that is made to look like the mound, complete with the rubber and multiple mounting pegs that fit into the balls of his feet.

He is very posable, with many many points of articulation. Here he is looking off the runner on first.

Ready position.

The wind up… (he started to tip over – he can twist all about, but he doesn’t hold positions firmly).

And the pitch!

The figure has great detail. The face is a little funny – they call it the “game day face” on the package.

I love the detail on the body. The glove and wrinkled uniform are especially well done.

[Wife’s note – he spent a really long time playing with this toy and had a blast]

Sandy Leon Cornhole Game: Haha.. cornhole. This version of the classic tossing game features catcher Sandy Leon behind the plate with you as the pitcher.

They even have a scoring rubric in case you couldn’t figure it out.

I think the kids will love this. It has little seams on one side of the beanbags. Each is filled with white sand.

The board stands up at an angle and fits easily on a tabletop. The stand folds flat (here it is extended on an upside down game) and even has rubber bumpers to keep it from clacking when you collapse it. It is a really nice game.

Sports Crate Cooler Bag: This zippered bag is sized for a six-pack of cans. It has a slim pocket in the front and the Sportscrate logo.

It isn’t really insulated, but the lack of stuffing means it does collapse down pretty flat. It has a strap for hauling, too.

I was super impressed by this inaugural Sportscrate. It has the high quality items and coherent theme you expect from a box produced by Loot Crate. In the sports context, that means fully-licensed memorabilia. The cooler is kind of company picnic giveaway quality, but everything else was top notch – I was particularly surprised by the cornhole game. It was sturdy and well made – frankly, I was amazed Loot Crate didn’t have us fold the box inside out into a cornhole game instead of provided a deluxe one! This is a fun box, and I think it’s awesome that it’s all about your favorite team, so you get items you care about and want to wear, play with, or display.

Visit Sports Crate by Loot Crate: MLB Edition to subscribe or find out more!


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