Rockets of Awesome Summer 2017 Subscription Box Review – Girls!

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Rockets of Awesome is a quarterly clothing and accessories personal styling subscription box for kids. Each season, you’ll get a box filled with high-quality, stylish and comfy clothes. There’s no styling fee – just pay for what you’d like to keep and return the rest. Free shipping, both ways.

Boxes are available for both boys and girls. In every box you’ll get 8-12 pieces, all from the Rockets of Awesome brand.

When you sign up you’ll answer a quick and easy quiz to help set your style preferences for your child.

The box is filled with awesome clothes to the brim!

The information sheet with the item list and retail price is folded inside a bi-fold booklet. The sheet also comes with a set of instructions on how to return your item(s). Shipping is free both ways!

Everything in my Summer 2017 Rockets of Awesome Girls box!

Summer Stickers

The box included a couple sticker sheets as a fun freebie! We used them to decorate a “rocket ship” cardboard box!

Racerback Tankini ($24) What a cute little bathing suit! Our spring break was waaaay early, so we didn’t need one, but I didn’t say no to getting one for purposes of the review, so we could let you know they’ve got them!

Bling2O Heart Goggles ($18, $21.99 on Amazon) And also the EB brought swim goggles in the basket. The bunny isn’t quite as cute as Rockets of Awesome. These are adorable!

There’s even a little doodle detail on the nape of the tank. It wasn’t just random, this is where they put their logo on many of their clothes.

Really nice coverage with this suit!

Flounce Tank ($20) The mix of clothes in this box goes from mild to wild. Too mild for us – I can’t remember the last time my daughter selected something plain.

Star Flutter Tee ($24) This woven tank has a fun ruffle design on the edges, and the black and white star pattern is super chic!

Stripe Twirl Skirt ($22) I wasn’t sure how my daughter would feel about this skirt – I’m always on her case during warmer weather to actually wear her skirts, shorts, and dresses (that she says she wants). But she loved this one! Hooray!  Actually I hadn’t intended to keep it, but she was still wearing it when we sent it back. It was a sign.

Cute little outfit!

Stripe Ruffle-Hem Top ($26) This is just not my daughter’s style at all. Way too boho – but they’ve got boho if you like it!

Unicorn Tee ($20) I specifically requested this shirt, which you can now do in the notes of your style file. My 8 year old is at peak unicorn. Check out the details on requesting here.

Lightning Tank ($18) I started to get confused by so many stars. This one is a knit tank, no ruffles.

It had a double lightning bolt holo accent.

Gingham Capri Legging ($16) We love the Rockets of Awesome leggings! They’re in super girl-friendly patterns, and crazy durable.

Capri length? I’m not so sure about that!

Midi Star Dress ($28) I also requested this dress and was happy to get both of my requests in the box!

The straps are adjustable and with this style I know we’ll get at least 2 summers out of it. She wanted to keep it and I agreed!

Gingham Open-Shoulder Top ($26) I think this is backwards. In any event, she wasn’t interested in it, and I don’t dig cold shoulder tops anyways. Total pass.

French Fry Tee ($20) Rockets of Awesome sent my kids coordinating burger & fries gear!

Flutter Short ($20) These shorts are like a skort. I’m not sure of the purpose, because they are so fluttery they only serve the purpose of a skirt.

The styles were definitely cute in this box, but three black items with stars? We need more variety than that! I liked that they included active swimgear and if I hadn’t already purchased them, it would have been really handy. It’s also something I haven’t seen in other kids’ clothes subscriptions. I think Rockets of Awesome has a ways to go in understanding what “no white” means – a few items had too much white, and I personally get bummed when we have a new item of clothing and ruin it immediately, so I generally avoid white on clothes for my kids. I like their new expanded profile system, but would love an order preview – I would have rejected many of these items outright based on style or too similar to other items in the box already.

This clothing holds up remarkably well and my daughter is still wearing and loving items from her very first box. We definitely recommend giving it a try – no shipping fees either way, or styling fee!

Visit Rockets of Awesome to subscribe or find out more!


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  • dawn s

    If you are worried about white with kids get some oxyclean and put a scoop in hot water then let the item soak for a bit then wash, it should take the stain out. It worked on some old baby clothes of my cousins that were too cute for us to give away. Hope that helps!

    • Brandy

      my husband manages to immediately ruin any new piece of white kids’ clothing by feeding them chocolate ice cream the first time they wear it. every time.