Pusheen Box Spring 2017 Subscription Box Review

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Pusheen Box is a quarterly subscription box with everything Pusheen Cat! Boxes hold a variety of Pusheen items with at least $100 in value, including exclusive products, pre-release items, and more.

Is Pusheen Pusheen without a tail? Fortunately the box has one – this spring Pusheen has a bunny tail!

This box is absolutely packed with Pusheen goodies!

The Spring 2017 Pusheen Box!

The info card explains what each item is and what it can be used for.

First, the big items!

Bunny Pusheen Vinyl Figure: The unfortunate brown smudge on the box came with it. Fortunately I don’t collect boxes!

Bunny Pusheen is exclusive to the box, just like everything else!

She’s so adorable with her bunny ears and tail, and a sweet little chick on top.

It was a bit of a bummer that this box didn’t ship in time for Easter, but this is the only Easter-ish thing in this quarter’s box, so it wasn’t terrible. That being said, I wish they could stick to their shipping schedule a bit better.

Pusheen Party Shirt

This shirt has an all over print of Party Hat Pusheen dancing around to some music!

The shirts in this box are unisex. As I’m guessing their subscriber base is overwhelmingly female, it would be awesome for them to introduce some feminine sizing. I may rework my shirt a bit.

Pusheen Wireless Speaker

I couldn’t even believe this item! This Pusheen connects via bluetooth to your computer or phone, and even has a carrying strap, which is a fantastic touch. The inside of my Pusheen rattled :/ but it didn’t seem to affect the operation.

I’m including the directions here for reference, in case you lose them! A short Micro USB cable was included.

Pusheen Utensil Set: I mention this every time, but I love that everything in this box is retail packaged, even though it’s really unnecessary. If you can bear to part with an item, it’s perfect for regifting.

This set featured a fork, knife, and spoon, with Pusheen perched on top! They’re a tad on the delicate side, so I’ll handwash mine and not use it with tomato-based foods. Both this item and the next are BPA-free and dishwasher safe, but nevertheless, too precious to pop in the washer for me!

Pusheen Bento Box: Is that Pusheen salivating over her sushi?! ?

To match the flatware – the most adorable bento box in the world!

Pusheen Bento!

There are 2 trays in the box, one divided, and it secures with large snap flaps and the teal strap shown above.

Your new Pusheen flatware fits perfectly inside!

Pusheen Bottle Opener

This Pusheen bottle opener is perfection – you can crack open a cold one without damaging your nails!

Plus it has the added benefit of securing to your fridge, which will make your house even more adorable.

Pusheen Selfie Stick

Can you believe the number of items in this box?!

It will be extraordinarily difficult not to get a great shot with a Pusheen selfie stick!

It’s just a standard selfie stick and of course if you have an iPhone 7, you’ll need your Lightning adapter.

Now for the smaller goodies – time for a spring party!

Pusheen Party Balloons

Twelve latex balloons in gray, pink, and teal printed with Pusheen’s sweet face!

They are so sweet!

Pusheen Photo Booth Props

Nine photo props plus sticks and glue dots! I actually started putting them on with tape and then discovered the glue dots between the two playing cards, so look for them! I thought that was a thoughtful touch. Between the selfie stick & these props your party pictures will be the CUTEST!

Pusheen Pennant Banner

And finally, a party banner to make your gathering complete!

There are 7 pennants in teal, pink, yellow, and Pusheen gray.

This box is SUPER adorable and always packed with items. I don’t know how or why they get so many goodies into this box, but they do, and it’s absolutely wonderful! I love how the box has really useful items that they just turn into charming sweetness by making them into Pusheens. There were a ton of party items in this box and I’ve noticed over the last few boxes that Pusheen wants me to celebrate and gather my friends, and I think that’s a great curation perspective! I have enough of the paper Pusheen items that I can bear to use them now, right?! This box is so creative and I’m already looking forward to the next box!

What did you think of the Pusheen Box for Spring?


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  • Lauren W.

    I absolutely loved this box! My personal favorites were the Pusheen Bento Box and the silverware. This was my first Pusheen Box and I’m thrilled! I do agree that the shirt sizing is pretty large though- my “small” is more like a large. I’m hoping it will shrink to the proper size before I pass judgement though- the print is ADORABLE!

  • PA Anna

    The sizing on the shirt is crazy. I selected a large, and it reaches down an inch past my butt. My eight-year-old went crazy over this box. He has big plans for everything including throwing his aunt a crazy cat lady/Pusheen themed birthday party.

  • Anie

    Oh darn! I wish I had grabbed one! My bday is coming up soon. This would have been a lovely turn of decade party theme. And the lunchbox. So cute and practical! ???

  • Laura D.

    Bought this for my 13 year old daughter. We looked at every past box. They were all better than this by A LOT. The only thing I think she’ll even use is the wireless speaker. Everything else is kind of ridiculous. Maybe if you were actually having some sort of party, but no, don’t like anything but the speaker. So I just spent 50 bucks on one item!!!?????