Love With Food May 2017 Tasting Box Review + Coupon!

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Love with Food is a popular snack subscription! It is a fun snack discovery subscription available in three versions: classic tasting box, deluxe/family size, and gluten-free.  This is the Tasting box, but you can see our reviews of the other versions too.

DEAL: You can try out Love With Food by using this link to get your first Deluxe Box for $5 off or get your first Classic Size Box for $7.99. You can also save 25% on your first Gluten-Free box by using this link. As always, Love With Food donates meals to charity with each box purchased.

This month’s theme for Love with Food is “Savor Every Moment.” We’ve celebrated the awesome mothers this month and are trying to figure out how to stop life from flashing before our eyes. Let’s all just stop and savor the little moments in life weather that’s a glass of wine with friends or a hike with the family…live in the moment and enjoy it all.

Dolcetto Petites Cookie & Cream Wafer Bites. Wow were these little wafers a hit! They are creamy and sweet with no high fructose corn syrup. Only 100 calories per pack, I am going to be stocked with this new sweet treat for all my snacking needs…poolside, in the library and just driving to work.

Lance Gluten Free Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers. I am not a peanut butter fan but these were surprisingly good. The perfect ratio of peanut butter to buttery cracker and a hint of salt. I ate the entire package and was truly sad that they were gone. These are not the same peanut butter crackers from my childhood…thanking my luck stars!

Bakery On Main Maple Multigrain Muffin Instant Oatmeal. I first read this as maple muffin and was super mad that my muffin was crumbled but then I took the time to actually read the entire package and got super excited for a tasty bowl of oatmeal. Unfortunately the oatmeal monster (A.K.A. my daughter Isabella) swooped in and devoured it all, not even leaving a morsel for me to try. I would be upset but it’s gluten free and non GMO. It kept her full and practicing heart health at an early stage is better than being my age forcing myself to like new foods.

MadeGood Chocolate Banana Granola Bar. It’s like eating banana bread only in bar form. It was a bit sweeter than I had anticipated but that’s never a bad thing in my book.

WowButter Toasted Soybutter. Yuck! I can’t sugar coat this one…I’d rather live my life peanut butter free than put this in my mouth again. I’m sure if I had dietary restrictions I might change my tune until then as least I can say I tried.

Apple Harvest Crunch Dried Fruit. Sweet like candy with the healthy bonus of fruit. I would eat these all day long and as my kid pointed out this is a much easier way to get her to eat more fruit. With easy packaging like this they fit into lunch boxes and bring a sweet smile to everyone’s faces.

Mandy’s Rich Chocolate Cookie Thins. These thin crisps are sprinkled with sugar and for only 90 calories are amazing. They are too thin to dip in milk but still would pair well with milk or coffee. I love easy portion control and still being able to satisfy my sweet tooth.

La Panzanella Croccantini Multigrain Crackers. Alone these aren’t the most tasty crackers but paired with wine and cheese they would be a wonderful appetizer.

Route 11 Potato Chips in Dill Pickle. I love dill, I love pickles and I love chips but all together I have to pass. I liked the kettle cooked chips full of crunch and salt but I am not a fan at all of the rest of this chip. Maybe inside a sandwich they wouldn’t be over flavorful but alone it was too much for me. I might be checking out their other flavors.

Love with Food is such a great way to find amazing new treats for happy snacking. In each box, I find at least one product that each member of my family loves and it’s impossible to get bored with Love with Food. This is the first box that I have found two items that weren’t for me and that’s a new feeling when trying this subscription box.  I liked the theme savor the moment because I felt like I got a few more sweet treats to savor. Love with Food always has great themes but what I like the most is they seem to always coincidence with how I’m feeling in my everyday life. I can’t wait to see what next month brings for may snacking and my pondering.

I love this…Who needs super heroes when I have mom. In my house I answer only to super mom, being mom is my super power.

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