Horror Block April 2017 Review & Coupon

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Horror Block is a monthly subscription box filled with some awesomely gruesome horror toys and collectibles. The Horror Block box ships at the very end of the month, so this is the April Box. We all love getting this box each month and my boys can’t wait to help me dig in when they see it on our porch.

I love the designs of these boxes and how the pattern goes all the way through it. The bright red and black always screams blood and guts which goes great for a horror box.

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Everything that came in my April box. This month was great with 7 items and a bonus item with 2 of them being Horror Block exclusives.

The note this time talks about all the things that Nerds collect and reminds us to show off our collections. This is such a fun idea and it is oh so true with a true fan. We have collections from all sorts of things.

This month we have a total of 8 items in the box! Well 7 items and 1 bonus item.

Court of the Dead : The Poster Collection – This is a gorgeous collections of images that will help you select which faction you belong to.

The pages are front and back so if you wanted to display them you will need to decide which side to choose.

I’m just in awe of the detail and the graphics. They truly are stunning.

This month they sent two DVDs for us to watch. While I am a movie watcher and I get it with the Horror theme I’m starting to get over getting one in my box each month.

Puppet Master III ($5.50) – I know I’ve seen the first one but I’ve not made it up to this one yet. Puppets are always creepy.

After hearing that Andre Toulon’s puppets have no strings but rather seem to have a life of their own., Dr. Hess, a Gestapo henchman during World War II, sends the Gestapo to the theatre to kidnap them . During the melee, Toulon’s wife ELSA is killed and Toulon is whisked away by the Nazis. However, on the way to headquarters the puppets attack the Gestapo and escape with Toulon. Now Toulon begins to plan his revenge. He creates a new puppet, Six Shooter, models Blade after a pasty-faced Nazi and uses Elsa’s essence to create Leech Woman, Now Toulon’s army is ready to get even and take revenge.

In the House of Flies (7.63) – Abduction and torment leads to lots of suspense and is so scary since I always think it could be based on a real thing.

June 1988… Summer Was Never The Same. In the House of Flies tells the story of young lovers whose lives are inadvertently changed forever. An innocent couple, Heather (Lindsay Smith) and Steve (Ryan Kotack) suddenly find themselves abducted. By whom? For what purpose? Alone, isolated and locked in an undisclosed suburban basement, Heather and Steve find themselves pawns in a mad man’s mind game.

Evil Dead Ash Figure – My son ran off with this and added it to his army men. It is Ash but is the same size as his army men so he loves it. I like that this is a fun little extra that would be great on any collection shelf.

Scream pin – I LOVE this and it is my favorite item in the box. I’m a huge Scream fan and watch it whenever I catch it on TV. Now that I think of it I’m going to need to do a binge watch of them all soon. This was just the right amount of suspense, teen angst, misdirection and was the beginning of the “in the know” type movies. No one was expecting the opening scene when the first Scream came out and it was a total misdirection.

Rue Morgue Magazine  ($9.95) – We are back to getting out monthly magazine this month. I love paper magazines and this one is so interesting and has so many different stories in it. I’m going to go through it and then I pass it along to a friend. I’m so nosey and I love getting all the behind the scenes info and notes.

Shirtpunch Nosferatu T-shirt (This is an exclusive but other Shirtpunch shirts go for $19.99) – I’m a vampire fan so this is perfect for me. I like the white shirt and the images are very full and clear.

Horror Block sent an interesting for me box this month. While it was not my favorite and I’m not expecting every month to just knock my socks off it did include the Scream pin which really makes the whole box for me.  I absolutely love it and can’t wait to share it with my friends and to schedule a movie night. I like when the boxes have a bit more decorative stuff in them but that is just me and this one will be great for others. I still can’t wait to see what comes in the box each month and I’m ready for next month’s box already.
Spoilers for next month include items from Carrie, the Lost Boys and Nightmare on Elm Street and I am beyond excited.  The Lost Boys was the first movie that I went to the theater and saw over and over and over again and I can’t wait to see what they are going to include.


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  • Dan

    A Total rip off. I bought the box because of The Lost Boys, but they decided to remove it from the box (as you can see in their site). Their support told me “it’s a mystery box, we can change the box content whenever we want”.
    They also refused to give me a refund (even though the box will be shipped in 15 days from today.