Freedom Japanese Market Subscription Box – March 2017

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Freedom Japanese Market is a candy and snack subscription box that ships their goodies straight from Japan! It is curated by a family who hand-picked all the snacks. They also include a cute origami of the month. They offer three sizes of box and the price includes shipping worldwide! For a Canadian subscriber, that’s a relief! This box is the Original Pack ($24.99/month).

DEAL:  Get free bonus candy in your first box! Type in the code to the order notes before checking out. Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION. Get $3 discount for all Original and Family Pack plans! Use coupon code FESTIVAL17. Expires 06-30-2017

Each box comes with an information sheet introducing the people behind the box and also some information about the origami of the month. This month’s origami is either an Emperor or an Empress in honor of Girl’s Day.

I’ve received a cute Emperor!

You also get picture of each items and an explanation of what they are in english! I was afraid the pictures would not be accurate, but they are quite easy to identify.

The box is full of goodies!

Takoyaki (fried octopus flavoured) Umaibo and Natto (fermented soy bean flavoured) Umaibo. These are big seasoned corn puff. I love corn puffs! I’ve heard quite a lot about Natto, how you either like it or hate it, and how strong the flavour is. So I tried this one first, and it wasn’t that bad! It was slightly spicy (wasabi?) and tasted like soy sauce.

Big Bar Choco. An aerated chocolate bar with a hint of salt.

Suppai Lemon Gum. There’s three pieces of gums in this packet. One of them is quite sour. I like anything sour, but my husband got to them before I did. I really liked the taste and said the sour one wasn’t too bad. They are soft and fluffy chewing gum.

Maken Gummy. This is a hand-shaped cola-flavoured gummy to play Rock, Paper, Scissors! I played this game against my husband for this candy, and I lost miserably. He ate the gummy and liked it.

Ichigo Daifuku. Marshmallows with a strawberry filling.

I was expecting something more jelly like in the centre, but instead it’s a nice soft centre. The whole candy was soft, chewy, like little pillows of heaven (I like marshmallows, ok?)

Kaminari Okoshi. At first, I thought it was natto candy. I was happy to see they were rice crackers! The cracker had a nice crunch and it wasn’t too sweet.

Betsu-Jin Candy. Tiny little hard shelled jelly beands. Pretty nice!

Okonomiyaki Taro. Dried fish jerky flavored like okonomiyaki. I’m giving it to my husband, he likes anything jerky.

Roasted Corn Aerial. Light and crispy chips flavoured like roasted corn.

Baby Star Panmen. Ramen chips.

The Aerial chips tasted like less salty bugle chips. I could eat more than a bag in one sitting. I’m happy for my weight that we only got one bag in this box!

The Ramen chips tasted more like cinnamon rolls than cinnamon and maple. They are crispy and addictive. Gimme more.

Puchi Uranai Candy. I don’t know how we get to know our fortune with these candies, but they were good!

Neri Ame. Liquid Sugar. Yep, sugar in liquid form!

NeruNeru NeruNe. Just add water to the powder to get a grape flavoured candy that you can dip in the bits of sugar!

This was my first Freedom Japanese Market Box and I wasn’t disappointed! The box is full of snacks, and some of the flavoured were quite unique for me, and they were fun to discover! I like that we get different type of candies, and in different sizes. This was definitely worth the price of the box (and it comes with free shipping, even for us in Canada!)

Have you tried Freedom Japanese Market? What did you think of this box?

Visit Freedom Japanese Market to subscribe or find out more!


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