Candy Club Subscription Box Review + 50% off Coupon – April 2017

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Candy Club is a premium candy subscription box. They bring the old fashioned candy store to your front door. They promise their candies to have an amazing variety of different candies for your enjoyment.

The candy came safely protected from temperature extremes in this insulated (and cute!) packaging.

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Inside the insulated packing, our yummies were even more securely packaged in round plastic containers that sat inside a cardboard stand with holes cut out to hold them in place. It really made for a nice display when you opened the box.

Each Candy Club Subscription Box contains up to 3 lbs of candy to include three signature containers and a splash of wrapped candies. If you are giving a gift, the candies are curated for you. If you are subscribing you have some choice in the candies that you get. You pick your own candies or you can choose a flavor profile for Candy Club to curate for you. The three flavor profiles are Club Sours, Club Sweets, and Club Mix. If you aren’t sure what you like, no worries, they have a quiz that helps figure your candy profile out.

The candies are a beautiful array of colors.

The Candy Club Subscription Box is $27.99 if you pay month to month. The price drops to $22.99 a month if you prepay for 6 months and to $19.99 a month if you prepay for a year. And, if you need more candy, you can choose to add up to three more candies to your monthly order. Shipping is $6.99 for all boxes. (You can get free shipping and 50% off of your first box when you use this link.)

Mondelez Sour Patch Cherries – These delightful little bits of gummy deliciousness are mildly sour at first and then mellow out to a satisfying sweetness as they melt in your mouth.

Yum Junkie Petite Sassy Spheres – These individually wrapped candy balls will transport you back in time to the penny candy display at the local general store. They are sweet, slightly fruity and perfect for stowing in your purse or pocket for a quick sugar rush when you are out and about.

Vidal Mini Gummy Orange & Lemon Slices – “Sweet citrus gummies in lemon and orange shaped wedges.  Chewy and delicious jelly style candies with a slight tartness you will enjoy.  Imported from Spain.”

These gummies are firmer than the cherry gummies and more suited to slowly devouring than quickly munching.  They, like the cherries, are slightly tart on the outside with a sweeter inside.

Sweet’s State Fair Mix Salt Water Taffy – “Wonderful nostalgic flavors of buttered popcorn, cotton candy, red licorice and bubble gum taffy will remind you of favorite summer days, walking around the State Fair Grounds.”

So, I have tried popcorn flavored jellybeans and let’s just say that I was not impressed. These Buttered Popcorn flavored taffies are a different story altogether. They taste like you wrapped up the best kettle corn in a tiny little fluffy package. I have sorted out all of the yellow ones so that I can hide them all for myself and don’t have to share them with the children. (That doesn’t make me a bad parent does it?)

I wasn’t expecting this little bonus. A cute metal tin with Candy Club branded peppermints in it. They are sugar free with a strong minty flavor, great to fight nap breath…

The Candy Club Subscription Box is a great way to satisfy your sweets craving with unique, nostalgic and delicious candies. The packaging is always cute as can be and I love trying each new candy. The Buttered Popcorn Taffy was my favorite this month.

Have you tried Candy Club?  What has been your favorite candy?

Visit Candy Club to subscribe or find out more!


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