Breo Box Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Spring 2017

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Breo Box is a new quarterly lifestyle subscription box for both men and women. Each handcrafted customized wooden box will contain between 6 and 9 high-quality products revolving around health & fitness, and everyday lifestyle essentials. Each box is curated around the season. The box is $139 each quarter, with free shipping in the US ($25 to Canada).

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The wooden box was packaged inside a cardboard box. Unlike with my first box, this wooden crate stayed together and is now being used for storage in my husband’s home office. Breo sourced a new supplier for the wooden box to ensure its sturdiness. It goes very well with his reclaimed wood desk!

This is their second box. The very stylish black card gives us the value of each item in the box. I feel like they were going for a coffee theme this month! No worries, we are coffee addicts in this house. Although my husband saw that there was a sprint jump rope in this box and couldn’t wait to try it out!

Williams Sonoma Jars Cantine Mugs ($54) (The link is for a set of 4 mugs for $90, in a different colour). I love them, so do my husband! They are wider than regular coffee mug, but shorter. A cappuccino with a thick layer of milk on top would call it its home! They are made by artisans at Jars Ceramic in southern France. The inside is of a deep blue/indigo hue, with a crackled look. They are thick, won’t ship easily and are microwave and dishwasher safe. I love the creamy exterior colour.

Aerolatte Original Classic Frother ($20). Speaking of cappuccino, here’s the milk frother to get that rich layer of milk! And it’s the On-the-Go version with a carrying sleeve, perfect to bring it to that week-end getaway. I’m a fan of cappuccino and we are travelling quite a lot to our cabin, making this little frother a great addition to our lifestyle! If you take your coffee black, no sweat! You can still use this to emulsify salad dressing, to create that perfect meringue, or to make your own mayonnaise!

W&P Design Pour Over Dripper ($25). You can’t make coffee without either a coffee machine, an espresso machine, a french press or any other type of coffee making thingy. Do not fret, here’s the Pour Over Dripper! I’ve been told multiple time that Pour Over Coffee are the best ones, as long as you know what you are doing! I find it tastes less burnt and more coffee, without the overwhelming bitterness at the end. Pour Over Coffee is the only coffee I can drink black!

The filter you need to use with the Pour Over Dripper are easy to find in any grocery stores as well (Number 4 cone-shaped filter). The only down side to this Pour Over Dripper is that it’s easily scratched. I gave it a quick rinse in soapy water and it touched the metal rack for drying and there’s already a mark on it.

W&P Design Brew Book ($35, $25 on the W&P website). How are you suppose to know how to pour the perfect coffee, no matter the tools you have on hand? With this lovely Coffee Book!

You can even make your own Cold Coffee with the Pour Over Dripper! How awesome is that, now that the weather is getting warmer? There’s also techniques with the french press and other type of coffee tools as well.

Rogue Grooming Teeth Whitening Kit ($75). Now that you’ve drank a lot of coffee and your teeth are starting to show the effect of the glorious trio (red wine, black tea, coffee), you need to take care of them!

This is a very neat item. Neither my husband or myself can use it, but I know someone who will gladly take this off my hands!

Scrub Supply Co. Coffee Body Scrub ($17). Last item related to coffee is this nice coffee scrub. It is made with very few ingredients: coffee, cocoa powder, cold pressed coconut oil, raw demerara cane sugar and vitamin E oil. I’ve tried a couple of coffee scrub before and it’s always fun to play with coffee and smell like coffee! I would not use on my face as I find coffee to harsh on my skin, but it’s perfect for the legs. Fun thing, Scrub Supply Co. is a Canadian Company! Wouhou!

RPM Fitness Sprint Jump Rope ($35). This item is the one that made the box for my husband. He liked almost everything else, but that’s the item he was waiting for while I was taking my time taking pictures. After a bit of struggle with releasing one of the handle (we couldn’t find the screw), it was easy to adjust the length, cut the rope and be in use. My husband was sceptic of the “World Fastest Speed Rope”, but he admitted it was a very fast one and he loves it. As I’m writing this, he’s still outside getting some cardio and fresh air in.

It comes with a convenient carrying bag, perfect to throw in the gym bag for when we are on the go.

Spigen R12S Wireless BT Speaker ($50). In their Winter 2016 box, we received bluetooth headphones and they are still going strong, even though I’m using them through long and hard workouts. I’m expecting the same quality from this Wireless Speaker. We could bring it with us for outdoor activities at the cabin, but I think I’ll keep it in our kitchen for ambient music while cooking. I could also set it up in the bathroom for relaxing music while taking my bath…

This was another great box from BreoBox! I love that there was theme going on, and I hope they’ll keep including a fitness item in their box. We enjoyed everything, everything was of great quality and will be used over and over! We had so much fun going through this box, as it is a box for both women and men (it’s awesome!).

If you want this specific box, you can still order it until May 15th. What did you think of Breo Box?

Visit Breo Box to subscribe or find out more!


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