Boxwalla Beauty Box June 2017 Spoiler #2!

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We have the second item spoiler for the June 2017 Beauty Box from Boxwalla!

Theme Info:

The Wandering Wood Nymph’s Sun Kissed Alchemy

Having enjoyed her very English Spring, The Wandering Woman is back from England for the summer. But this time she is a wandering wood nymph.

? The trees are her home and she drinks from the flowers. She lovingly talks to the plants for hours. She peers through the leaves in search of some sunlight. She finds it and holds it in her palm through the night. Now she gathers her sunshine as if it were rubies. Glimmering, shimmering, in the space between trees.

One day she decides to traipse through a meadow, with a sheer white veil aflight on her face. The veil feels like the softest of gauzes, with Moroccan Rose and Champaca lace. As she traipses she finds some chamomile flowers that she mixes with balsams and resins from trees. She drinks in some sunshine that she gathers like rubies as the scent of guavas perfumes the breeze.

The meadow, it beckons the wandering wood nymph. For a soothing rest in the cool grassy green. She turns to you and offers her potions, so you too can mix up the magic she’s seen. ?

Any guesses what the wood nymph’s summery offerings could be?

Boxes will include:

The first June product we announced was that bit of bottled sunshine that is Earthwise Beauty‘s  Ruby Face Oil. Ruby is beautiful used on its own – the perfect summer oil, brimming with the goodness of raw unrefined oils, like guava, sacha inchi, milk thistle, cranberry, pequi, along with supercritical extracts of turmeric and celery to reduce inflammation.
But, one of the main reasons this oil was chosen to be part of the summer-inspired June Box was because it makes the perfect base for Earthwise Beauty’s gorgeous powder sunscreen Farizad’s Veil. Mix Ruby and Farizad’s Veil in a ceramic bowl (or on your palm!) and you have a deliciously sunny, sunscreen lotion that sinks right in and doesn’t clog your pores at all. 

Farizad’s Veil consists of non-nano uncoated zinc powder along with powdered aloe leaves, making this sunscreen more like a nourishing mask. The aloe powder both softens the stark white color of the zinc oxide, as well as offers a multitude of skin benefits like cooling, repairing, moisturizing and soothing the skin! Who woulda thought a sunscreen could do ALL that? And the scent? : a delicate veil of Moroccan roses and rare pink Indian Champaca.
Reserve the June Beauty Box by May 20 to experience this unusual, versatile sunscreen!

The June Beauty Box will contain three full sized products retailing for $158. Here’s a peek at the first one :

As summer approaches, we have divined an oil that both captures the soul of the sun and protects you from it : Earthwise Beauty‘s newly released Ruby Facial Oil.

We don’t think we’ve tried an oil quite like this. Impossibly light, yet nourishing and emollient. It’s the perfect little summer oil : with antioxidant-rich, sun-protecting oils like Buriti and Pequi from Brazil, sun-damage correcting oils like Raspberry, Buriti and whole fruit Rosehip, plus glow inducing Pequi and Guava oils!! Ruby also contains Milk thistle oil and Cranberry oil which are especially lovely for congestion prone skin. Then a dash of turmeric supercritical CO2 extract and Celery CO2 to reduce inflammation and you have a veritable smoothie for your skin! 

Valued at $58, this lightest of oils also makes the perfect base for Earthwise Beauty’s gorgeous powder sunscreen : Farizad’s Veil. Mix Ruby and Farizad’s Veil in a ceramic bowl for a deliciously sunny sunscreen lotion that sinks right in.  And you glow a little more with that gratifying feeling of playing alchemist!

The last day to subscribe is May 20!

More on this brand:

In the June Beauty Box we will be showcasing Ava Zhan’s exquisite skincare line Earthwise Beauty. Ava’s products are so fresh, pure & brimming with energy, that they always seem to us like the skincare equivalent of cold pressed juices.

The sunny summer themed June Box contains products that are refreshing, sun protecting, sun-damage correcting and among our favorites from the line! Along with showcasing Ava’s alchemical prowess, these products also seek to encourage that whimsical alchemist in all of us! 

Stay tuned for the individual product spoilers. The June box will contain 3 full size products with a retail value of $158.

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