Anime Bento May 2017 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Anime Bento is a monthly subscription box for true anime fans! With this subscription you’ll receive Japanese toys, collectibles, and other swag from your favorite anime shows delivered straight to your door every month. Anime Bento is committed to sending only authentic products, too. Moe-chan, depicted on the cover of the box, is Anime Bento’s official mascot.

Moe-chan is a master chef and bento artist. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her saucy get-up, but she’s a sweet 16.

She enjoys watching comedic anime and is often caught doodling when she should be working. Her dream is to one day open a great restaurant where food and art can be equally appreciated. She attends the local high school and is popular with her class mates. Moe has very close friends that she works with and always makes sure that they always have a good lunch to eat. When she is not working at a maid cafe in Akihabara or going to school, she helps run the Social media sites for Anime Bento.

First peek in the box!

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The information card shows all the items in this box! I always get excited to see something from a series I haven’t heard of before! There is also a sneakpeek for the June box which features Re:Zero.

Luna Tee The hero item of this box is a tee featuring Luna, Sailor Moon’s loyal cat! I love how the art is just her ears, eyes, and crescent moon against the black of the shirt. Anime Bento tees are super soft and comfy to wear.

Kuroko’s Basketball Poster Set This series is about a middle school basketball team. Not exactly my area of interest but sports manga and anime have been really popular, going back as far as Prince of Tennis which I did get into briefly.

My Hero Academia Vinyl Keychain I actually got into this anime because of Anime Bento! They included the first issue in a box a few months back. I got Shoto — he has sort of a “two face” style to him, and his power (or Quirk as they call it in the manga) is that he can use ice powers on one side of his body, and fire power on the other! He’s one of the main characters which is about a high school that trains superheroes. It’s a really funny series!

Attack on Titan Socks I feel like I’m the only person who’s not into AoT. I watched the first season and for me it flashed between nightmare-inducing levels of disturbing, and soul-crushing boredom at the slow pace. It’s super popular though! The socks are really soft and comfy, but if you have big calves like me the design always gets distorted with these.

One Piece Sticker A card-sized One Piece sticker featuring the whole gang.

Mango Candy Chewy mango-flavoured taffy. I loved this!

This wasn’t my favourite Anime Bento but I am thrilled with the t-shirt so that made the box worthwhile for me. I loved that a previous box got me into My Hero Academia so I was able to appreciate the Shoto keychain more than if I hadn’t heard of it — that’s what is so cool about Anime Bento, it gets me exposed to new series!

What was your favorite item in this month’s Anime Bento?

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