Animal Jam Box Spring 2017 Review

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Animal Jam Box is a new subscription box for Animal Jam fans that brings an assortment of curated products like clothing, electronics, toys, accessories, stationery and a lot more! It’s $25.00 per quarter with over $60 worth of Animal Jam merchandise!

The outside of the box looks so fun! It actually looks like there’s an animal in the box.

My kids love playing Animal Jam! They’ve played it for about a year on and off. It’s put on by National Geographic, really well done. My daughter is also in love with the Nat Geo Kids mag.

The information card gives you a list of all the goodies this quarter!

All the animal cuteness this Spring 2017!

Explorer Raglan Tee: An adorable raglan with blue sleeves – Let’s Explore!

This fun shirt includes Deer, Owl, and Bunny, along with a handful of butterflies. Ultra cute!


Adventurer Binoculars: These are a welcome addition to our adventuring arsenal!

Kids absolutely adore play binoculars and these go great with the theme!

We were also happy that they came with a breakaway cord.

The tag to the binoculars had the in-game code. I’m betting that they won’t do that again (we’d already tossed our tag and had to go back and find it).

The tag for the binoculars had the in-game code for Golden Binoculars! Screenshot from ShotKing’s unboxing video!

Toucan Charm: This charm is super cute, and a great addition to the charm bracelet we received in the first box (available for a few dollars if you missed out!).

So bright and cheerful and adorable!

Birds and Butterflies Spring Nature Guide

An activity and info booklet was also in the box!

This provided everything from fascinating info about humminbirds,

To a fun centerfold poster,

And quizzes and stickers! My daughter loved (and completed!) the entire activity booklet from the previous box, she’ll love this one too!

8-Panel Umbrella: Yay for an umbrella hero item!

This is SO adorable. The cutest umbrella in the world! The animals are dressed up in accessories, we have a Racoon with binoculars, an owl, a Monkey with a beanie, a leopard with butterfly wings, a parrot, fix, some sort of goat, and a warthog with a collar?!

Who knew we’d get to use it the very next day? Accuweather, that’s who.

DIY Wooden Birdhouse

This birdhouse requires nailing it together. Time to teach the kiddos to use a hammer! It comes with paint in primary colors – I was thinking to using the white to tone those down, but my child did not agree!

It comes in many pieces, and you need a hammer to assemble it.

Dad did the honors of assembly and my 6 year old created his masterpiece.

It looks like what you’d expect a 6 year old’s birdhouse to look like! While he’s not the most artistic member of our family, I note that he completed the entire thing and had a lot of fun!

I think this is a fun box for basically any kid that likes Animal Jam (although there are plenty of teen & adult Animal Jammers too!). This box definitely trends to the younger age categories but certainly had items that my children will use, and totally loved. Our favorite item was the umbrella, and my daughter really liked being able to add to her charm bracelet. It’s a good value, too – Animal Jam merchandise is pricey and hard to come by!

What did you think about Animal Jam Box?


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