5/24 Loot Crate Price Increase

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Loot Crate is increasing the prices on many of their subscriptions on May 24.

Starting May 24, we’ll be updating the price on your subscription. Your 12-month Loot Anime Crate plan will be going up by $1 per month. You will be charged the new rate on your next billing date.

We’re coming up on our five-year anniversary and we’ve come a long way since the days of hand-stamped corrugate and grabbing stuff off the shelves from vendors at Comic-Con.

Over the years, we’ve shared amazing experiences at conventions and meet-ups. We’ve strived to make every element of your Loot Crate feel like a true reflection of your favorite things. We’ve made crates that transform, developed online experiences like video games, puzzles, and gained access to exclusive content and published it for you on The Daily Crate. We’ve even started developing our own collectible figures. We’re constantly adding the biggest names in entertainment, anime and games into every crate and we’re shipping to Looters all over the world.

Unfortunately, we have to make these changes now to keep up with the rise in costs over the years, but we have some good news to share too.

We have some exciting announcements coming next month and throughout the remainder of the year to make your Looter experience even better. We’re adding some huge franchises to our line-up. We’ll also be adding new features to improve your experience on the site, including beefing up our technology to better manage your account and tracking,  and we’ve opened a new distribution center to improve shipping times.

Thank you for being a Looter, and here’s to five more years of crate loot and fantastic experiences together.

We love you,  Team Loot Crate

Crates subject to an increase are: Loot CrateLoot Crate DXLoot GamingLoot Anime,  J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World CrateWWE Slam CrateFirefly Cargo CrateSanrio Small Gift Crate.

Crates on monthly plans will change prices on 5/24. If you have a longer term subscription, those will change on the next renewal date. Here are the updated prices:


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  • Francesca Bailey

    My last loot crate box was pretty banged up and it takes a long time for it to arrive access the state’s. Something needs to be done packaging, luckily nothing was missing but my box was torn on both ends allowing the top to be really loose. Hoping it will be taken care of for future shipments.

  • Angie

    They can’t be serious? Their prices where high already esp with shipping.

    I think they’re doing this because there is always a discount code so they’ll be getting their original price but now after the discounts.

  • Heather

    I have been getting the Firefly crate since the beginning. As soon as I have all the figures, I’m dumping Loot Crate for good. I already cancelled my standard subscription because the loot was underwhelming. They are going downhill and charging me more while going. With more subscribers, the price should be going down instead of up.

    • Anie

      I agree. Its like they are placing the cost of their moving on subscribers.

    • Danielle


  • Dawn S

    Firefly was $5 and JK Rowling was $3. Its not much I guess but still not excited about it.

    • Crystal Rose

      Agreed, I felt that the boxes were expensive enough already.

      • Red

        Expensive enough is a good way to put it. Some of them are not worth the money and if you live overseas they’ll charge you an arm and a leg for shipping.

      • Danielle

        especially given the fact that the quality of most of the stuff is not that great,