March 2017 Yummy Bazaar Subscription Box Review – Mini Box

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Yummy Bazaar is a destination food club subscription box. For the awesomely low price of $9.95 a month, you can get the Yummy Bazaar Mini (World Sampler Monthly Gourmet Club). Each destination box will take you on a food tour of 2-3 countries with 6-8 delicious, sample size products.

The Yummy Bazaar Mini Box!

Yummy Bazaar also offers a full-size gourmet food stuff box that concentrates on a specific country each month.  Check it out here.


The Mini usually has items from around the globe. Though this box took a more regional approach, showcasing treats from Eastern Europe, it also had snacks from other regions, too.

The product description pages give a brief description of each item, along with a list of ingredients, several suggested uses, the retail price, and the origin.

A little reminder that there is more than one way to express a concept! Eastern European products have a different system for labeling best buy dates, which Yummy Bazaar has helpfully translated.

All the Eastern European treats in our March Yummy Bazaar Mini Box!

Rigoni Di Asiago Strawberry Fruit Spread Sample Packet – Italy ($26 for full size on Amazon): We only received a single-serving, free sample packet, so we got just a taste. The jam is very flavorful, incorporating some wild strawberries in with the farm-grown for a more enticing flavor. I like that they use organic apple juice as a sweetener.

Georgia’s Natural Traditional Georgian Spice Khmeli Suneli – Georgia ($3.95): This all purpose seasoning brings together a unique collection of herbs and spices, including laurel leaf, blue fenugreek, dill seeds, and coriander, for a flavor profile distinct from the familiar combinations typical in Western European cuisine.  It’s particularly well-suited for use of roasts meats. This 30 gram packet is enough to season several large roasts.

Triko Green Peas – Taiwan ($2?): Less aggressively spiced and softer than wasabi peas, this little guys are uncoated and dried to a crisp. The flavoring is fairly mild, and I don’t know if the packs we received were actually mustard flavored – they seemed more generically seasoned.

Sal de Ibiza Chips With Ibizan Salt – Spain ($2.95): These chips have a very crisp crunch and nice potato flavor. The Ibizan salt had a lovely flavor, with some minerality and botanical fragrance. Very delicious and surprisingly flavorful for a “plain” chip.

Spartak Tea Biscuit – Russia ($2.95): Not your usual tea biscuit, these have a distinctly Russian flavor to them. Russian cakes, cookies, and candies seem to always be paired with jam – why should these be any different? Fruit aromatics are added, giving these biscuits a slight flavor of apple and berry jelly.

Each cookie has the same intricate design. It looks like an eagle sitting down to tea.

Dobrjanka Funduk Russian Chocolate – Russia ($1.50): Shaped like a Reese’s egg, the composition of this treat mirrors that of a Ferrero Rocher ball, except without the whole nut inside.

I kind of smushed it trying to show the inside, but it still tasted fantastic! The inside is made of a hazelnut creme, coated with a single layer of wafer, chocolate shell, and rice crisps.

This Mini Yummy Bazaar had some nice tasty treats. Bizarrely enough, the item that most excited me was the Georgian spice mix, and I can’t wait to slather it onto a roast! As always, the majority of the Mini was suitable for immediate consumption, and that is what we did.

Have you tried Yümmy Bazaar? What did you think of this month’s box?

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