Gwynnie Bee March 2017 Review + Free Month Coupon

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Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental subscription service. My body shape makes me a perfect candidate, as they specialize in sizes 10-32, and I am a 14-16 (and sometimes 18, depending on the cut). When I started, I added about 25 items to my closet (it’s a lot like creating a Netflix queue back when DVD subscriptions were their main business model, except there is no specific order) and they sent me the first three that were available. They now have a feature that lets you prioritize items, so I have some control over which items are more likely to show up. Then, when I return items, they send more!

I really like that I have a lot of control – I pick the specific items that are in my closet. I can go outside my comfort zone if I feel like it, or I can stay well within it. Overall, I put several items that would be a stretch for me in my closet, but also put plenty of items I think I will like so that any given shipment is likely to have something in it that I will wear.

Gwynnie Bee has really upped their packaging game recently, too. New purple branded boxes with happy, affirming messages!

DEAL: Currently when you sign up for Gwynnie Bee you can get your first month for FREE, (no code needed, just use the link) which is an awesome way to just try it out and see if you love it.


I am always excited to see my Gwynnie Bee box in the mail. It has been a great way for me to keep my work wardrobe interesting. After a few months of less travel, I am about to get on the road again, so I am adding more dresses to my closet. This month’s arrivals were dress focused.

Taylor Dresses Sweater Dress in Blue Pebble Print (Size XL) This is probably the last month I can get away with a sweater dress, so I held onto this one for a few weeks and wore it on a work trip when the weather was chilly. The knit is relatively heavy, but not unwearably so. Plus the 3/4 length sleeves let you breathe a little. The all over print is flattering, as are the seam lines added to create an illusion of things curving in.

I enjoyed this dress a few times before sending it back. This is the kind of thing I would try on in a store and go back and forth about buying, but ultimately not buy. One of the things I love about Gwynnie Bee – I can enjoy things a few times, and I don’t feel guilty if I don’t end up loving them.

Tocca Pleated Dress in Graphite (Size 14) I LOVE this dress. I have been holding onto it for a while, and have gotten a bit of use out of it. The day I wore it in the office, one of my coworkers (a middle-aged male who isn’t one to comment on this kind of thing) commented that I am always so nicely dressed.

It’s a very dark grey, so it was hard to photograph and capture the detail. The pleats are very flattering. The fabric is nice and heavy – covers up the lumps and bumps! The length is work appropriate, but I definitely prefer it with tights and boots. I tried it with bare legs and felt a little too exposed. Once winter is over, perhaps I will let it go. I considered buying it (Gwynnie Bee lets you shop at a discount from your closet), but it is still over $100 after the discount, so I’ll pass.

Dorothy Perkins Rollsleeve Top in Orange (Size 14)  I have had this top in my closet for a while, in two sizes. So glad it finally showed up! This has been the shape top that I have worn the most this winter. I love 3/4 length sleeves. They are perfect for my sometimes heated, sometimes air-conditioned office – a little coverage, but not so much I am hot if it happens to be a warm day. My office is pretty casual when clients aren’t around, so this is the perfect level of dressiness.

And for you college sports fans, I would say this was a Texas Longhorns burnt orange, not so much a Clemson or Tennessee orange.
Overall this month was pretty good. I am looking forward to wearing the grey dress at least once more before returning it, but I am about ready to swap out and get some spring styles. I am going to go update my closet and my priorities right now while I am thinking about it!
A couple things to remember (besides free laundry!):
  • you can mark your shipment as outgoing so your items ship out faster
  • you can purchase items that you love at huge discounts
  • use the community at Gwynnie Bee to help you select the best items for your body and the right size for that garment.
  • all the garments are inspected and I’ve never really had an issue with anything I’ve received in terms of condition.
  • it’s also worth a mention that the clothes are higher end clothes, so they all have better construction and fabric than what you might normally purchase for yourself.
  • Gwynnie Bee Cost:
    • 1 item/ $49 per month
    • 2 items/ $69 per month
    • 3 items/$95 per month
    • 5 items/$139 per month
    • 7 items/$179 per month
    • 10 items/$199 per month

Visit Gwynnie Bee to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Jenny

    These look great. I was going to ask how in the world you are wearing a sweater dress right now with it being so hot out but now I see you are getting ready to send it back. I can’t wait to see your springy items.

    • Jen

      Oh I most definitely wasn’t wearing it at home! I used it during a work trip when it was snowy in DC. I probably should have moved it out of my closet in prep for spring, but it all worked out. And the stuff I got this month was great. I am looking forward to reviewing it (and maybe even keeping a piece).