Disney Treasures April 2017 Subscription Box Review

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Disney Treasures is a new bi-monthly official Disney subscription box produced by Funko in partnership with Disney. Disney Treasures features the most memorable Disney movie and parks moments and every box is filled with 100% exclusive Disney collectibles and accessories created by Funko for Disney fans and collectors. It’s the Happiest Subscription Box on Earth!

Funko also produces the Marvel Collector Corps BoxSmuggler’s Bounty (Star Wars), and DC Legion of Collectors.

The theme for the April 2017 Disney Treasures box is: PIRATES COVE! FYI – the ordering deadline for the first box has been EXTENDED until 4/22.  That means that this box is still available at the time of this review!

Here are the available plans (+ $6.95 shipping):

  • Traveler: Pay as you go plan, $26 per box every other month.
  • Adventurer: 6 month plan, $25 per box for 3 boxes. Including an exclusive Adventurer pin!
  • Pioneer: 12 month plan, $24 per box for 6 boxes. Including an exclusive Pioneer pin with the first box and an exclusive collectible anniversary gift at the end of the year. You are still eligible for the Pioneer founding membership if you order by April 22nd!

Dork alert – we took about 20 too many photos, and included them all anyways.

When you open the box you’re greeting with a patch and pin (like all the other Funko boxes) plus a fun map!

Oh, the places we’ll go!

We found this note in the box too – this sort of dedication and excitement hasn’t been expressed in this particular way in the other boxes Funko makes – they are pulling out ALL the stops for Disney!

Everything in the box! It’s pretty amazing!

The information card is a great map detailing the creation process for the individual items, plus fun insider notes from the Disney Archives!

Next box is Festival of Friends! We have the POP spoiler for that box here.

A sticker matching the one on the outside of the box was included too!

Underneath the patch & pin are a variety of passport-like stamps marking what look like premiere dates for various movies or opening dates for various attractions – they sort of match up but don’t quite align with what I found online, so I’m not precisely sure what they’re meant to be.  For example Wikipedia marks the premiere of The Rescuers as 6/22/77 and the box has it as 6/28.  Let me know the answer!

Arrrgh, it’s Captain Hook!

All the patches from the first year of boxes fit together to frame a final secretive patch – don’t miss out on any of them if you want to form the giant patch.

And the pin is a wee Funko styled Captain Mickey!

The pins for this box feature the Mickey pin backs that you’ll find on any official Disney pin.

So many goodies! 

Dorbz Ridez Wicked Wench Captain with Pirate Ship – Disney Pirates of the Caribbean!

A Disney Treasures Exclusive! This was actually called a “Disney Parks” exclusive in some of the posts from Funko about the box – we may yet see it appear in the Parks.

So much detail – everywhere!

Everything on the Wicked Wench & Pirate Captain is highly detailed!

This is really an unbelievable POP! Even the little skull on the flag is Funko-fied!

The scrollwork is a pretty metallic gold.

Pirate Captain is super cute!

On the current Disney attraction he’s been replaced by Captain Barbossa, but you can see the details and history on Pirate Captain here!

Even the notches in his tattered hat!

Love the beard braids!

Disney Mini Tins is an exclusive new line for Disney Treasures box!

These stylized illustrations are straight out of the ride!

This box came wrapped in plastic but we removed it for the review.

The dog is considerably less mangy here than on the attraction. Still love it!

It’s a Captain Jack Sparrow Mini!

Captain Jack is about 3″ tall and full of beads, eyeliner, and flair.

He’s got a bit of a funny pigeon-toed pose.

I didn’t know that the beads were supposedly souvenirs from his escapades. Again, I like to put them in the flair category.

He’s pretty swishy! Cute mini and a welcome part of our crew!

Funko POP! Smee – Disney Treasures Exclusive

Obviously from Peter Pan, he’s the sweetest villain sidekick!

Does it get better than that furrowed brow and big, round belly?

No, no it does not.

I love the detail of the clasped fingers behind his back.

I’ve been able to remove most of this excess glue.

Subscribers who sign up by April 22 for an annual plan with get this pioneer pin! 6 month subscribers will get an adventurer pin.

Obviously we signed up for a year!

We loved the first Disney Treasures box! Although Disney has already had a few subscriptions (see all official Disney subscriptions here) this is really the first one that is a full-fledged experience. Funko has had plenty of time to work out the kinks with the other subscriptions, and what they have learned as clearly evident in all the details for this one. Between the price and the fun (we seriously couldn’t wait to open it – after the kids went to bed!) if you’re a Disney fan a subscription is a must!

As for this box in particular we got 3 vinyls including a Ridez and the patch and pin. The only downside is that there isn’t a ton of variety but I expect different items, including wearables, in future months. I think the Funko style is the perfect partner for Disney and I can’t wait to see the entire Festival of Friends box!

What did you think of Disney Treasures first box?


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  • Jenny

    This box is amazing. I love them all and I was squealing just a bit reading your review. Pretty sure I need a Jack Sparrow for my collection.