Chroma Club March 2017 Subscription Review + Coupon!

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Notification is an adult coloring subscription delivered to your mailbox for $8 a month. This box boasts using eco-friendly materials, supporting independent artists, and being left-hand-friendly. This month didn’t feature a theme. It’s also community-based – Chroma Club members vote on what gets printed for the following month! The back side tells you how to stay in touch and get extra goodies.

Sixteen unique designs are highlighted in this full-sized book printed on high quality paper.

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A cute design with a great reminder, live simply and love deeply. I really like the bigger flowers and creatures. This will be a great introduction into this month’s volume, allowing me to work up the harder and more intricate designs.

Is it a tree or coral? I have no idea what will come out of my colored pencils when they are allowed to help me turn this into my next masterpiece. I love that the designs are there only as guides to my creativity and don’t make me feel like there is only one interpretation.

All the small details will make for a time-consuming and relaxing distraction from my otherwise crazy days. I  really like the underwater scenes, I think it goes back to my days of wanting to be like Ariel and live under the sea.

This month’s book keeps taking turns into the more intricate designs. With each turning page, there are more nooks and crannies to color and make my own. Personally, I think this leaf is telling me fine tipped gel pens are going to work best for me and my not so steady hand.

Beautiful flowers surrounding a garden fairy. A little more simple than a few of the other pictures but still gives me that spring feeling that brings such joy to my heart. This particular design makes me think April showers bring May flowers.

A beautiful royal woman by Teri Sherman. I love that this design was so easy to transform into a lovely warm picture that screams King Arthur and his men of the round table. I could also see making her look menacing like an evil queen from a Grimm Fairy Tale.

The personal touch of having a little write up about each artist is amazing. I like having a peek into their artistic side and getting to know them on a personal level. I really like that Chroma Club gives the names of the artist coloring books as well as how to find them via social media.

Croma Club keeps getting better each month. I love that the books are full sized and have something for every coloring level. I feel challenged without it giving me anxiety. The more designs I  color the more I realize which mediums work best for me and my personality. Right now I’m all about colored pencils and trying to create realistic pictures. I even like to make the underwater scenes look like I could visit them. Chroma Club keeps new pictures coming to my door and I get to be as active in the selection process as I want or don’t want. This is an amazing coloring subscription that I can grow with each month or in my house wrestle over each month because both my daughter and I love it so much!

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