BurgaBox April 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Your chance to create and taste one of those ridiculous burgers on Instagram is now here with BurgaBox! Every month, you’ll receive a box with all the ingredients and instructions to cook your own burger, created by celebrity chef, Paul Malvone – plus some incredibly delicious sides. Everything you get in your BurgaBox is something they serve in one of their three Boston area restaurants, so you know every recipe has been tested and enjoyed by thousands.

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Our BurgaBox had everything we needed to make the Southern Belle Burger and then some!  The card has a visual inventory of the burger ingredients, plus step by step instructions for cooking your burger, heating your toppings (when needed), and assembling your monster burger.

BurgaBox insulates the food with padding filled with recycled thread material, and everything is neatly packed in plastic jars, bagged, or boxed.

The meat and large trays were packed on the bottom, underneath a few big ice packs – the rest of the food is set on top with more ice. There was enough ice that I wouldn’t worry at all if the box were delivered during the day and I couldn’t unpack until later.

All the ingredients to create this month’s burger!

The different dishes were bundled separately, making it easier to keep everything straight.

The buns and burger seasoning came in a large box – this kept the buns from getting flattened and the seasoning container from busting open.

The glorious meats. The kit contains two giant burger patties – the Southern Belle also calls for thick strips of bacon. Believe it or not, that entire slab of bacon comprises just six slices.

The slaw and beans each came in a little jar.

The sweet potato fries and fixin’s were packed separately.

The burger fixin’s also were set apart from the other items. I thought is was nice of them to bag the little tub of flour to prevent a blow out.

Here is our prepared spread. Giant burger, fries, mac, beans, and slaw.

OK, here’s the funny part. This is one serving of food. Our kit had an entire other serving of food in it – that’s an entire other burger, another pile of dressed fries, mound of mac, and a big scoop of beans and slaw.

The beans and slaw aren’t given much fanfare compared to the other dishes, but they are really delicious. The beans are soft but intact, with a sweet sauce. They are seasoned with an aromatic herb – I think it’s thyme. Very yummy.  The slaw is amazing, too. It stays crunchy for several days, yet it is thoroughly sauced with a tangy, creamy dressing.

The burger itself is pretty outrageous. The Southern bell has a giant half-pound Angus burger, two strips of thick, smoked bacon, fried pickles, a giant pile of pimento cheese, and a slathering of spicy ranch dressing. It all sits on a buttery bun.

The burger is big enough to serve two (don’t worry, the box has a whole ‘nother burger in it).

Amazingly, I could get my mouth around it, getting a little of everything in each bite. The combination is simply awesome. Bacon belongs on a burger, but the fried pickle and ridiculous amount of pimento cheese are what makes this truly Southern.

The sides are no less deserving of attention. The portions are big enough to fill you up before you even get to the burger!

The Mac and Greens is an ingenious invention. It starts with Burger Box’s ultra cheesy mac, which is the cheesiest mac you’ve ever had (it is pretty much all cheese in the sauce, too, it isn’t a bechamel-heavy mix). The collards add just enough bitterness to balance the sweet and greasy of the mac, making the dish even better than the straight mac, IMHO.

The Sweet Potato Fries are also done up. The fries arrive pre-cut and, it seems, par-cooked or soaked – they have a bit of a ragged texture and lack the density you see in a raw sweet potato.  They cook up nice and crisp, with a naturally sweet flavor. They don’t need the honey mustard – that is there to balance the tartness of the creamy blue cheese.  A couple strips of bacon tops it off. It’s so good!

The prep doesn’t take any longer than other meal kits, and you’re sure to get a memorable meal out of it. For this kit, we floured and fried the pickle slices and the bacon.  The burgers went in a pan, as did the buns.  Everything else was tossed in the oven without fuss or microwaved (the beans). 

We had a blast putting our burger together, simply because of the sheer size and indulgence, but we had an even better time eating it! Our kit was meant for two people, but you would be hard-pressed to find any two individuals who could polish off the whole thing in one sitting.  TB12 may adhere to a strict diet, but this is what he should feed his offensive line!

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